Thinking of My Rochester Couple ...


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A week has passed since I last got a taste of my hot slut in Rochester, NY. Yes, I'm right now seated here in my apartment typing these words on my laptop while taking turns to admire the snapshots we'd taken that fateful night at the Super 8 motel. The slut has sent me a couple new ones she took just for me, and they've got me hard just looking at them. Matter of fact, it's almost like gazing at the sun; there's no way I can admire her pictures of her sexy body without my dick kicking its head inside my jeans.

You don't get to fuck a pussy like that and then think of it as a one-night stand. There's a thing that comes with fucking a hot milf: a hot wife who knows what she wants … and that she's got herself a cuck hubby who really is in understanding with her and too wants to be dominated by a black bull. Such type of luck don't always fall down from the sky. And when they do fall, you're never there to watch it happen.

There's plenty of white bois out there who want the same thing too. Sure, they huff and puff and try not to let it bother them… that's like going to the beach but never letting your feet get wet by the water. There's a lot of white bois out there who wish they too have got a hot wife like this one: a sexy slut who'd be a great lover for black men wherever and whenever she can get her hands on them, and who would humiliate her white boi hubbies to get them to do whatever's necessary that she gets her satisfaction. Oh yes, that's the word: satisfaction. For the wife, its about getting that black cock swimming inside her pussy and ass … making sure that black cock gets to fill every nook and cranny of her wet hole. That the bull is man enough to use her like the piece of bitch-slut that she is, and even when she thinks the fucking has ended, the bull pulls up her face and slaps her cheek with his dick and snaps at her to open up.

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