Thinking of going all the way black

Met a new Bull who wants a gang bang, im not on the pill, should I...

  • Refuse a gang bang

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Do it with protection only

    Votes: 21 31.3%
  • Give in and do it without protection

    Votes: 45 67.2%

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Oh I would never be pressured. It's just genuinely attractive to me and a huge fantasy to do it. I guess I'm just trying to convince my pussy it's an unwise choice. I can't raise a black baby on my own.
Go for it and have the black baby. It would be the best sex you ever had. I love seeing beautifull white women with a black baby, it looks so hot. Go for the biggest blackest cock you can fit in your pussy sexy.


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Just make sure he is free of STDs. Then do what you already know you desperately want to do, otherwise you wouldn't have started this thread -- get yourself pregnant by a black man, and enjoy it.
Look sexy you know inside you want that black baby, and believe me you would so hot with that seed growing in you. This is 1big mistake i made with my wife when we younger. She had my baby but later told me she wanted a blk baby. At the time i couldnt handle the idea of her having a blk cock. But believe me if i could turn back the clock it would be differant. Dont worry about what peaple would think. If your guy loves you he will understand the power of the blk man. Maybe ask him to find the bull to seed you, lset him be there to see and hear the joy that only a black cock can give to a white woman. You will not regret this.


i'm in vegas baby ballsdeep702 we need to hookup you are way too sexy to not let me hit that ;)
I am going to do it and take the risk! I'm certain I will orgasm 5 times at the thought of the pregnancy
So, did you do your gangbang? Hopefully you did. because you shouldn't think of pregnancy as a risk. Now that you're a BBC slut, you should think of pregnancy as a certainty. You're sexy, and you'll be sexier with that black baby.