Think i have found my 1st BBC!!

if i like the guy and he likes me should i bed him this week?

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So really loved my time on this site.
All about me and hubby wanting to live out some of our fantasy before we hit 30 and think family.
So...met some lovely guys online on site but struggled with finding a uk available guy of the girls on the site (thankyou baby) pointed me to a special uk site and details of guy attached..right age, handsome, strong, experienced bull/with couples and tells me and hubby he has an 11 inch cock!!
Exactly twice size of hubby
We had skype with him last night
Me and hubby meeting him for coffee tonite and if goes well....maybe invite to our home this week??

Exciting, nervous, hope hubby is really into this cus fantasy becoming true- will let you know how get on