Things that annoys me!

This is just my opinion and my opinion only what I think is annoying about this site is I've spoke with fakes that's annoying, but hey its the internet things like this happens, but the things that makes me more annoyed is women who are on the site chatting and say I need hubby's permission to chat or hold a conversation with you on the phone or on a webcam. That's fine I can't argue with that, but please let everyone on the website know this. And as for guys who are trying to get there girls to do bbc don't create a account for your wife and have her pics and pretend to be her. Please let everyone in here know of this before we start talking. If you know what you want then say it from the get go and stop showing pics of your girl with or without her permission and she's not the one talking its you. If she wants bbc or whatever then let her choose or let her chat with us....

Hopping off of soapbox and my thread is done I just had to get this off of my chest.



Realistically most of the "women" asking for permission aren't even women. On top of that, you've got an entire subsection devoted to the that leads to all of the posts about "my wife is going to do this/my wife is going to do that"
Oh well, here's another thread about the fake posters here. If I were you I would be quiet about talking about the fakes. The moderator will get mad and delete everything that you post. Lol.