Things she's said....

So tonight my wife is getting hammered by a 23 year old hung buck. He's been fucking her for about 90 minutes now and still going. I had originally had a skype setup so I could watch from my office but my network card dumped my connection and I lost video feed during the blow job but I was able to keep audio. OMG she's never been this vocal!! Really glad I'm still able to capture the audio feed! Things she's said tonight that I can remember...

Her: You're so much bigger than my tiny little husband.
Him: I'm sorry.
Her: I'll worry about him, just fuck me hard!

There's it is, THAT's all of it! You were holding back on me!

Fuck, you're so hard, lately my guys have been hard but mushy, you're rock hard!

Fuck, I love a nice long cock to ride!

I fucking love cum in me, empty that long black cock into my pussy.