Things she says when she's at having sex at home...

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    A big part of this, for us, is the dirty mouth she has during sex with me (hubby).

    When we make love, I can fuck for hours.

    When she opens her filthy mouth, I can barely last minutes:

    "I want a massive black cock in me now"
    "I'll never be satisfied with this cock"
    "I want a black cock to cum in me"
    "My pussy is for black cock, my favourite cock"
    "I think about black cock all day, I'm wet as soon as I think about it"
    "Black men love asian pussies and I love black cock"
    "I want a cock that won't fit in me to be forced to fit in me"
    "I want you to watch a black cock show you how I need to be fucked"
    "I need three black cocks in me before I'll be satisfied"
    "I'm a slut, I just can't help it.. and I love it"

    These words, just for my kink... wow.
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    I understand you.

    This can of word are so exiting in her mouth