There is never anything wrong with interracial love


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The only consideration for sexing is age. If the participants are of legal age and consent anything is OK. It's your body and there isn't a damn thing wrong with getting a lot of pleasure from it and giving pleasure with it.

Janice K

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I totally agree with all of you about this. I absolutely with out any doubt that I love my black boyfriend for soo many reasons.. We've been together for a long time now and he is truely my rock. I'm so lucky to have him in my life and I know he feels the same about me.

Btw, the first photo here is beautiful and somewhat reminds me of how we lay with each other often...
I am dreaming of a real and long term INTERRACIAL RELATIONSHIP, but I wonder why most white thing is just a way to profit? Profit what then?


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I pretty much agree with the topic, but have a real issue with the " biracial baby making" comments. A person responsible for creating a baby should plan on being a positive role model in that baby's life and welfare for the long haul ... not for the moment.
Nice thread Janie...clearly people are moving on about IR wasn't too long ago we were all limited by the boundaries forced upon us..but now we all understand, it's not about skin color of the person in your life, but his or her character..yes the site is fun and some of the comments are just hyperbole..but the real issue is that we are maturing in a major way..yes IR porn started the process, College age students both black and white have understood what some of us in the 'old school' didn''s about the person, and not their let's encourage the men and women who are open to new people in their lives to be honest, accept it and ignore any comments from others..OSP25