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The Wildness seeded in the Civilization


Ferdinand and Agnes Zeeman were two anthropologist. They have met in Faculty of Anthropology of Amsterdam 1892 and decided to get marry after the college. They both had aimed to make an academic career in the same university. They were both very ambitious and concentrated on their careers, they were eager to spend their entire lives with field researches in the lost and unknown parts of the world and share their experiences with their students. They could say that anthropology is their baby, so they don't need a biologic one.

They had visited several different places around the world for their researches but South of Sudan was the place where they want to work in deed, because Sudan was completely virgin, wild and untouched. They had also believed they could find very important sources too but in that era Sudan wasn't safe enough to make researches and other anthropologists couldn't intend to visit that lands. However, all those facts made South Sudan even more attractive for Zeemans and finally they decided to go to Sudan. When they announced their new destination, many other anthropologists warned them not to do it. Also some diplomats and military officers also tried to change their dangerous decisions but all those efforts helped only to provoke them more. Especially Agnes was really excited about it. When their opponents brought the subject, they have always given the same answer: "We prefer to trust local people. They won't hurt us." No one could convinced them anyway and they were preparing for the journey.

After a long and tiring trip to Khartoum, they could manage to go to Laqawa their first destination in South of Sudan. They had an English speaking Sudanese guide and he assisted them for everything what they need in Sudan.

In Laqawa, their guide Abdi leaded them to a tribe where Zeemans believe that they can find a research area in their lands. Abdi visited the tribe alone and met with the chief. Then he explained him the situation and what Zeemans looking for. Then the chief agreed with Abdi to let them make their researches in his lands but he wanted some benefits too. Abdi told him that he could discuss about what he wants with the Zeemans. So, Zeemans and the chief met in a field. The field looked really productive for their researches and this made Zeemans to forget about what they should think and where they should be careful. They started to work as if they are in their homelands. When the Chief notice their joy of working, he thought that he could take more than what they agree.

The Chief told them that they can find more interesting goods in their village and they can come and continue the researches in the village. Zeemans cheered his proposal and told him that they were going to visit after they are done in the working area. But the Chief told them that they will move to the higher places very soon and he can not let them work when the tribe leaves the area. Agnes and Ferdinand discussed about what to do and Agnes decided to go to the town. Actually they thought that it would be safer for Agnes.

Ferdinand had a question mark in his mind for letting Agnes go with the Chief alone but he didn't point on it so long and continued working. Agnes followed the chief till the village. When they entered the village, the villagers showed attention on Agnes. It was a familiar moment for Agnes as a blonde white woman in an African village. However, it got the chief angry. He yelled at everyone and told them to get back to their barracks. Agnes was thrilled and started to feel unsafe. The chief told her something but she didn't know the language and didn't understand him. He hold her hand and took her to the his barrack where is a little far away from the rest of the village. He was telling something in his language all the way to barrack but Agnes didn't get any of. She could only see that he was very aggressive and she was even scared to scream and ask help. She was sure it would made the things even worse. So she decide to obey what the chief says.

He hold her ankle and throw her to the ground. He took of the material which covers his crotch. He was too strong to resist. He was a man who lives under a clean air, eat healthy food. He was the alpa male of the town and he was just completely naked in front of her. She noticed that his penis was unusually big. She was thinking that it was the worst moment of her life and she would thank to God till the end of her life if only she and Ferdinand could leave that place alive.

He get closer to her and took his place between her legs. In the meanwhile, he was ripping her clothes. At first, her breasts got free and he started to lick them as if he first time saw a woman. She was lying down and watching the wild Sudanese man eating her breasts while he is between her legs. She couldn't resist neither she couldn't say no. She was only moaning and unpurposingly touching that strong man's arms. The chief was appetitefully eating those big white milky breasts and he was impatient to eat the rest of her body.

Then he ripped the rest of her clothes and turned her back on. Then he ripped her underwear and saw her big white curvy hips. He bite and kissed her hips and again turned her back. He took his place between her legs. He made his last preparations to make his final actions to penetrate. He hold her two hands and knocked them on the ground. He was looking at her eyes straight. She was looking at his eyes with a fear and submission. He pushed her chest with his chest. Her big white breasts were squeezed by his big black strong chest. He pushed his cockhead into her pussy. It was painful for her. She was closing her eyes with each cock heat into her and moaning with pain. She noticed that her body is being prepared for that big man's existence inside her. Time by time, she notice he was getting inside her easier. She was wetter and softer. Finally his entire cock was inside her body and he started to move in and out. He was doing it cruelly fast and hard. Now she was screaming but the pain and fear weren't the only two feelings anymore. She felt an unwanted pleasure. For that pleasure she felt more ashamed and hated him more. He stopped holding her hands on the ground. His arms were around her neck and her hands were moving on his back from his neck to his butt. Sometimes she realized she was squeezing his butt or stroking them or slapping. He started to roar like a monster in a moment and then calmed down. She got what happened. That black African chief emptied his alpha seeds into her wombs. This was the thing her husband avoided to do for 8 years but that African man didn't care about it. He seeded her wombs like an animal. Now they were lying down, he was still between her legs and inside her body. His chest was still pushing on her breasts. They were both breathing hard and she noticed that her arms are around his shoulder.

Then he turned her back and pulled her hips up and got her stand on her knees. She knew what will happen. It happened. He pushed his cock inside her. She was still wet and soft and he was still big and hard. He put his cock inside her so fast. She didn't see what was happening behind her but she knew she was seeded like an animal by a predator animal. She was biting her lips and closing her eyes. She put her head down and wait till he empty his balls into her wombs second time.

After five time of seeding in 2 hours, she was almost unconscious. She even stopped thinking about what would happen to her and her husband. All what she could feel was a big black cock deep inside her body.

By the evening, he let her go her own way. She wore her ripped dress and walked to the village. She saw her husband and Abdi waiting in the middle of the village. The villagers also were out and watching her. She was like beaten so bad. Ferdinand was watching her hardly walking. He was looking at her ripped clothes, deformed and ruined body. Finally she got close to her and told him not to ask anything. He didn't.

Then they went back to Khartoum. They didn't talk at all till Alexandria. When their ship started to move, she finally said something. She told him that they were looking for anthropology matters so far away and she had found it just deep inside her. She found out the wildness, savageness of men. They had looked for the primitiveness so long and she found it just in front of her, between her legs and deep inside her. It wasn't dead and underground, it was very alive, very strong and meaty. Ferdinand thought that she lost her mind and he said: "Ok my dear, we are on the way back to home. We will forget about everything. We will not go anywhere else for that. Please stop thinking about it." She turned her eyes to him and said: "No, we won't forget. Now it is inside me. He remains deep inside me. I have that tribe man's baby in my stomach. The baby will be the final fruit and reward of our efforts. But yes, you are right. we must stop it."

The ship was on the sea and a baby of wildness was in Agnes's stomach. She was happy and peaceful in deed