The Wife has decided to do it again ....

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What do you think?

  1. Should I let nature take its course.

  2. Move it along as quick as I can.

  3. Let the wife decide.

  4. Simply let our new friend know that the wife likes waht she sees and let him decide.

  5. Simply get the wife in the mood in her finest negligee and simply invite him over & leave it to her

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  1. Drillher4me

    Drillher4me Well-Known Member

    Well, as luck may have it, the wife has met her second black man that she thinks she’d like to play with. I’m just hoping! Here are the facts.

    This past weekend we visited our Condo in Florida for a four day weekend, i.e., Thurs., Fri., Sat. and Sunday. Anyway, on Saturday for supper, rather than do any cooking, we decided to out and get a pizza and some chicken wings. We also needed to restock some wines that we like. When we got back, my wife had her hands full, as did I, and I was fumbling trying to get my key in the lock at the front door without much luck. Then I heard my wife say: “Hi!” and someone respond: “Hello! Here let me get that for you!” Whereupon someone reached over my arm, took my keys and opened the door. He was a tall black guy that we hadn’t seen in the building before.

    Anyway, we thanked him and headed for the elevator, he followed right behind us. We chatted on the elevator for the minute or so it took to reach our floor without paying attention to which floor he was going to. My wife and I were surprised when he got to our floor and he also got off. That’s when he told us that he had bought a condo here just about a month ago and it was unit # - - - -, which was directly across from us.

    We chatted in the hallway for some time and when the wife asked him if he’d like to share some pizza, chicken wings and maybe a glass of wine or two. He responded in the affirmative so quickly I didn’t even have time react. He said he’d join us shortly and as soon as he got cleaned up a little. He said he had been driving almost all day and was in need to freshen up a little. Anyway, about 45 minutes later a knock came on the door and it was our new neighbor. That evening we enjoyed the pizza and chicken fingers. The case of wine we had bought took a real beating before the night ended at around 1:00 AM. We didn’t see him on Sunday as we spent the day sailing on our boat. Late Monday afternoon as we headed to the airport, we bumped into him again in the lobby. That’s when he advised us that he will be spending most of his time here now that his divorce was final and since most of his business was in Florida anyway. We exchanged telephone numbers and a few niceties and we were on our way.

    Last night while making out, the wife let me know that perhaps she could do “another Edwin” with our new black friend, as she put, if the chance ever arose! (Edwin, an old university friend and roommate of mine, has been the only other black guy, or any other guy for that matter, that has gotten into my wife. Other than myself that is!)

    Well that got my attention REAL QUICK!

    Now comes the planning stage to make SURE IT HAPPENS! ;)

    I guess I’ll have to keep you informed!:rolleyes:
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  2. hopefulhubby

    hopefulhubby Active Member

    Keep us informed because it sounds like something is definitely going to happen. :)
  3. Drillher4me

    Drillher4me Well-Known Member

    We sure will. In fact I get horny just thinking about it! Just imagine that white pussy you see in our Avatar, it really is that of my wife, getting fucked again for the second time by another BBB! I can hardly wait to see what he does to her ... or should I say "IT!" Or perhaps she's too hot for him to handle! WOW! A nice cream pie on that pussy would be great to photograph too, eh?;)
  4. Rick Willis

    Rick Willis Well-Known Member Gold Member

    Good luck hope it works out for yall.......I will tell you nothing hotter than watching my wife Nancy with BBC!