The WHOLE Package

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What do consider the "whole" package?

  1. Gentleman in public/Mandingo in private.

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  2. Gangsta in public/Mandingo in private.

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  3. Doesn't matter how he acts in public, because I'd/we'd never MEET him in public!

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  1. ThatGuy

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    If I were a hotwife or a cuck couple, what would I want?
    • Someone young, hung & fun? Old enough to know the ins and outs, but young enough to last and cover ALL bases? CHECK.
    • Someone strong and primal, but able to hold real conversations between fuck sessions and elsewhere? CHECK.
    • Someone who can play the role of the bull in private, but can adapt and camouflage to any social situation in public [e.g., play the babysitter, soccer coach, or tutor]? CHECK.
    These are traits that I not only have, but I imagine are ideal requirements for a cuckolding couple or a hotwife looking for a stud bull. If you agree, or can think of more, drop a line!

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