The West End Couple

It was a fall morning when I entered the office, ready to begin work as I booted my PC and proceeded to visit the lounge to get a cup of coffee. When I got back to my desk I decided to check emails and reply to most of them before beginning my day. While checking my personal emails, I came across one that caught my eye immediately. It was a reply to an ad I had posted online, seeking a hotwife. As a bull I prefer a hotwife or couple due to the lack of drama and modest level of kink. For starters at least.
It was the husband who replied and he seemed quite interested in keeping things very discreet. I had no problem with that. It would be best to do so, especially since our town is so small and he had many, many friends. We began to discuss the lifestyle of cuckoldry and I became familiar with his wife's dominant characteristics. He sent me a few edited shots of her and I was truly amazed. I wondered if they were fake. The bitch was ...well...perfect. Blonde hair, curvy petite and athletic frame with an ass that would rival Nina Hartley and Janet Mason, I shit you not.
I sent pics to him as well, to share with the wife. I wasn't really the type she usually goes for, as I'm a larger built bull, and she liked her bulls more lean perhaps, but at least she thought I had a handsome face, nice smile. "I'll take it" I thought as the husband explained. We discussed pro-amateur men of online porn she well as my plans to hopefully one day become a regular bull of hers. We even discussed getting a group of us/bulls that she could rely on for random fuck sessions and gangbangs. I was no doubt eager to begin the process. I was dying to meet them both.
He explained his life as a cuckold to me, and told me that he was caged. I felt this to be most proper considering how hot and 'alpha' his wife is. She made sure he was contained most times. Edging was practice. He would be made to suffer weeks without cumming at a time. This turned me on indeed. I had to meet this slut. She's too fucking hot for me not to fuck her. But I would be made to wait as it was holiday season and I needed to be patient since they have children old enough and smart enough to catch on should we be too careless.
Finally...I meet them, and was taken aback at the Mrs beauty. It almost intimidated me. She wore sunglasses during our whole meeting...which usually turns me off (no matter who does it) but this bitch is BAD! She gets a pass for sure. She looked hot, smelled nice and was simply divine. The husband was popular and I had seen him many times before around town. He was dressed sharp and they arrived in a black sports car. My kind of couple, indeed. After the meeting, I passed the test. We planned to meet at a nice hotel in the West End of town. The time was set for Friday afternoon, and I was indeed ready to play.
I was slightly early when I arrived at the door. Hubby was about to get some ice for the drinks and stepped aside so that I may enter the room. The wife was wearing a gorgeous sweater....and nothing more. Her beautiful, flawless, smooth, firm ass was exposed. One knee was raised as her foot steadied her legs while she played with a Hitachi wand on her hot cunt. My early arrival caught her off guard, and she rushed a little to get her thong on. I let her know that she was fine, as I removed my coat and took a seat in a chair beside the bed. She gave me a little show while hubby was away. Playing with the wand on her pussy thru her thong...then moving the thong to the side. My cock was hard as fuck and when I couldn't take it anymore...I removed everything except my boxers and headed toward her on the bed.
We kissed and I removed her sweater and bra. Her breasts were perky and so so pretty. I licked and sucked them. Rubbed her wet pussy with my hand and fingers as her husband watched. Soft music played in the background as he took a seat in a chair placed at the foot of the bed.
The cuckold is conflicted as he watches his hot wife enjoy cock...he does not get to have her, but he plays his position so well. He is cool as a cucumber. His wife knows how hot she is and uses this to her advantage.
I ate her pussy for a while, and she was very sweet and warm. Her pussy is mature and plush. She is the hottest woman over 50 I've ever met before or after. As I pull my boxers off, she gets off the bed and walks toward her husband. He stands up to undress. His naked body is revealed...his caged penis exposed, and she places a black leather collar around his neck. He takes a seat...and she and I begin.
As I licked up her body from legs to pussy, to torso, tits, neck....then kisses on her lips...I could see her glance at him and smile devilishly. My black cock was fucking hard it hurt and I needed to be inside of her. She wanted me to take her, so that he could see, so that she could feel me and for us to finally do this, finally! I began to push the head of my cock thru the pink folds of her smooth, wet pussy....and she was tight.
Almost uncomfortably tight! I powered thru and began stroking her cunt at a steady pace. I asked her husband if he enjoyed seeing me fuck his wife. He, of course, said "yes". The wife chimed in "He's getting in deep where your cock can't reach". I few times I felt the head of my cock hit her deep and her eyes widened and she started cumming on my cock. I could feel her wetness bubbling around my shaft and was so wet, it could be heard by the two of us at least. Her hips would rise and her calves would flex, giving her legs that shapely fuck-goddess appeal. We were just beginning when I realized there was never a discussion of how much time we I'd play it by ear.
After I dumped my first load in her married cunt, she summoned her husband over to clean her wet used cunt. He proceeded to eat her, in a way that was thankful for including him in our session. He was definitely happy to oblige. She tapped his head and waved him away as she was satisfied with his efforts. Next, she and I kissed and I began to fingerbang her going knuckles deep with my two middle fingers (left hand). Know what that means? This slut's going to squirt. And she did squirt. Not profusely, although she does have the potential, but enough to get my hand messy and leave a good stain on the sheets. I then re-entered her pussy holding her waist and proceeded to thrust away. Hubby watched eagerly as his wife began to cum more and more on my black cock. My balls slapping her clit when I flipped her over to get it from behind. Her luscious ass was in the air, I had one knee up as the foot was planted for balance and her hole was so fucking tight, it actually helped keep my cock hard once I was in. I worked her and she demanded that I cum for her again. She is so fucking hot. She deserves much cock as her appetite is insatiable and she can handle a lot. I came again....hubby cleaned her once more and then he made us drinks as the 3 of us talked and relaxed. I only hoped that she wasn't done yet, because I wanted more. Can't get enough of this bitch, wtf?!
She then stood near the dresser, raised a leg and planted her foot on the dresser as the other foot stayed on the floor, she made hubby get on his knees so that he could eat her cunt. She looked over at me, winked. I was so amazed at her beauty and the bubble. Her ass especially in that position should be illegal! I regretted not walking over to her as hubby licked her, so I could fondle her tits and perhaps push my cock inside of her once more as she stood there. I would've loved to bang her at the dresser, making her rise onto her tiptoes.
We began to fuck some more... this time I had her legs spread wide as she worked her Hitachi wand on her clit as I pounded my swollen hard cock in her. Again, her breath was hard and quick, eyes widening as her pussy pulsed when cumming....she rode my cock and came a couple more times in that position, she got off and sucked my cock while on her knees between my legs. I laid there watching her as she used both hands to greedily make my cum pop in her warm wet mouth. I wanted to so bad, but didn't. I rolled her onto her knees and took her from behind once more. She looked so fucking hot taking my cock this way. Her pussy lips stretched around my cock's shaft as I backed out then I'd slide in again. She threw her ass back at me and this made me orgasm once more, one final time. I knew it wasn't a large load like before, but I made sure I was in deep. My balls sack kissed her pussy and thighs as I went as deep as I could when I let go. I backed out slowly and stood near the window letting the goosebumps all over my back calm down. She was one of the best fucks I've ever had in all my life. I got dressed as hubby cleaned her again, and thanked them again for having me visit. I certainly enjoyed that afternoon.
In hindsight, I would've stayed in that room until the Mrs politely asked me to leave. A bull shouldn't wear out his welcome. But if I could do it all over again, I would not let her beauty hypnotize me so much. I would've been more aggressive surely, and I would've instigated more humiliation and cucking of her husband as well. The West End couple are 1st priority always. They know this...
TO BE CONTINUED... (maybe) tumblr_n1sx85m5G41rp1y2co1_500.jpg