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Hello All,

I have been having a few conversations with new wives and husbands on the lifestyle experience. I have noticed that some seem to enjoy recording or being in the room as your wife is with a BBC. Personally, I dont like this experience.

The reasons I do not like it is because the wife is never really herself. I have done both experiences and highly prefer the one on one with her husband watching on cam. I do not mind meeting a husband at all. Come out to the bar with your hot wife in a hot dress. Revel in how hot your wife is and how she gets to come back to you forever. Realize that you two are in love and I will never disturb that. I am simply here to provide a intense sexual experience for your wife and to improve your marriage.

To be honest, I have seen a wife/girlfriend be FAR more open when her husband is not watching at all. The woman I tend to take out would rather have a date then go home and discuss the date with their husband. This allows them to be themselves in front of me and for their husbands to sit at home hard in anticipation to fuck their wife.

There is actually a study that says your sperm react differently when your wife is away and you have a thought of her being with another man. Think about it. Try something new if you are one of those couples that always has to have her husband in the room. Be bold with someone you are comfortable with or trust.

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