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The two sides of Stephanie...

My Fantasy Land

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Stephanie was your average mom/housewife with a loving husband, nice house, suburban lifestyle. When going out with her husband on "date night," she dress pretty conservative, despite her husband's wishes for her to dress a little more..."relaxed." She had a great body, a great smile, long legs...the perfect, some would say...MILF. But she NEVER showed off for her husband "to trashy" she'd say. Even to bed she'd wear a baggy t-shirt and sweats. However, when her husband left on trips...the other side came out

She'd call her mom to take the kids for the week. Dig in her closet and find what she's looking for. Skin-tight, above the knee mini-skirts, short shorts to show off her delectable ass. Skin tight t-shirts and blouses that showed her midriff. To top it off, sexy 6 inch heels. She would NEVER dress this way for her husband. But for her bull? Anything goes.

How Stephanie dresses for dates with her hubby.
How she dresses to get some BBC.
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