The Truth

I Wish U were my wife ... Id Luv for U to tell that ...When I was married to my Size QOS .. She worked me slowly.. I never knew she was a Size QOS when we met.& I was str8,back then.. But it wasnt long after she fucked me ,that she she made it known that she didnt Like my lil dick & that her past b/fs Had beer-can sized Cocks ....& She always took notice of how hard I got when she would talk of them & how interested in them that i was ...& that I Luved lickin her pussy after I filled her with cummmmm ... She also slowy cut me off from sex & started goin out ,with the girls alot
Most of Her turn On was the Mind Game .Her goal with me was to turn me into a BBC Luvin cummthirsty faggot ...& now that its Long since past , I dont have Any regrets .. Id just Luv to find another Size QOS Cuckoldress except one that is sane . She Luv to tease ... & even to this day she is still finding new marks


When my bf talked to me about it, he just sat me down and talked honestly and openly. you could try the same. a beer or two may not hurt either :)
Good idea about the ir video. I did the same with my ex years ago, and asked if she wanted a threesome. She actually arranged it herself after that discussion, and we had many great lovers visiting! Too bad none of them were black, but at least the method worked :)


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Your hubby is a lucky guy, been trying with my wife for years. She says she wants to try then when I suggest I arrange it she backs out. So frustrating.