The things we do...

So I have a black guy I'm seeing at the moment..
He's dominant. I'm submissive.
His favourite is when he catches me by surprise.
On Friday night I visited him at his place. He began making coffee for the both of us. I came over to put sugar in mine and he was looking down at me, then he grabbed me and kissed me, pushing me against the wall of his kitchen.
He ran his hands all over me, sliding it between my legs, rubbing me through my jeans.
He then undid my buttons and my zipper, pulled my jeans and underwear down and pushed me with my jeans around my ankles the meter across his apartment to the sofa, pushing me over the side and pushed his cock in straight away.

When he finished he pulled out and i was lying face down on the couch all wet too tired to move.

The next day when i came out of the shower he was hugging me from behind, then all of a sudden in one swift movement he pushed me forwards, knocking me down face first onto the bed and pulled up the towel to reveal my naked ass. I made this little squeak of surprise, before he climbed on top of me all 16 stone of him on top of my little body as he pinned me down on the bed.
He probed my pussy for about 20 minutes with his dick before he forced the entire thing in and he fucked me hard from above me, he was kneeling above me watching my ass bounce as he stretched me out on the bed while I moaned, in pain and pleasure...

I love the things we do...