The Story of Us

My wife Patricia and I have been married for a little over 11 years. We have 3 school aged kids. I have always had a fantasy of watching my wife with other men. When I first confided my fantasy to my wife she was appalled and wanted nothing to do with it, I think mostly because she thought it was a ploy to get her to allow me to sleep with other women too. Once I convinced her that wasn’t the case she started to open up to the idea. It started with her telling me stories about her past sexual experiences with her ex-boyfriends and moved on to make believe stories of her fucking cute guys she works with. Eventually it moved on to Patricia dancing and making out with random guys at clubs while I watched from a distance and for a long time things never went beyond kissing.

One night after having wild passionate sex after I watched her dry hump a guy in club while dancing I asked her if she was ready to take the next step. She was very hesitant and it took some time to convince her but she finally agreed. One of the hardest obstacles was actually finding someone. It’s not as easy as people think. I wanted to stay away from someone we knew to avoid any emotional attachment and I wanted to keep away from random hook-ups in bars due to the risk of STDs. We decided to go with Adult Friend Finder and agreed to screen and scrutinize everyone.

The hardest part about finding someone was sorting through the bullshit. About 90% of the people we were in contact with were full of it and the ones that did want to meet were just assholes. We finally found someone we thought we liked and made arrangements to meet. This guy was very cocky and overconfident. He came in making demands for private time with my wife and not wanting me in the room with her while they were fucking. Another guy we met was more interested in a romantic relationship with my wife and kept calling her asking her out to dinner. The last person we gave a chance was also very arrogant and wanted to cut me out of their communication. In the end, we never hooked up all the way with anyone from Friend Finder and we gave up the search.

A few months later I accompanied my wife to her 10th year high school reunion back in Virginia were I met Paul, one of Patricia’s high school boyfriends. We talked and got along well. exchanged stories about our jobs and kids and listened to Paul’s divorce horror story. At some point in the conversation the topic turned to our marriage and for some reason against my better judgment we shared our fantasies and the horror stories we had of trying to find someone. Paul became intrigued with why I would want to watch another guy fuck my wife. To make a long story short, we ended up hooking up with Paul that night inviting him in for a MFM threesome. That was the first and only time I got to see Pat with another guy.

I had both the most amazing experience of my life and the most humbling experience of my life on the same night. It was truly an amazing experience to watch Paul fucking my wife but after our threesome Patricia seemed to melt into Paul’s arms and cuddling led to kissing. I had watched Patricia make out with random guys in clubs before but this kiss was different, I sensed emotion behind that kiss and started to feel a pang of jealousy but decided to cool off with a shower hoping that Patricia would soon come and join me in the shower but she didn’t.

I stepped out of the shower to find Paul and Patricia on the bed, not fucking but making love and without a condom. During our earlier threesome we had insisted that Paul rubber up. I had to voice my concern several times, practically pleading with them before Paul finally pulled out my wife. I do not believe there is a more humbling experience than to watch the woman you love gasping and panting while she makes love to another man completely willing to let him cum inside her.

When I first brought up the lifestyle to Patricia, my biggest fear was contracting an STD. My biggest fear had become my wife falling in love with another man. I love my wife and the last thing I wanted was for her to fall in love with someone else and leave me. After that night the issue of unwanted pregnancy also became an issue. Our youngest baby was unplanned but Patricia refused to have an obortion. (Thinking back, I'm glad she stood by her decision.)

I’m not sure if I was upset because of the pang of jealousy I was feeling or because Patricia had allowed him to go in her again without a condom but after Paul left us, instead of having the wild passionate sex I planning, we had a huge fight. My jealousy and anger eventually subsided along with fighting. Without anger and jealousy clouding my thoughts I found the thought of my wife making love very erotic and I found myself getting extremely aroused at the thought of another man cumming inside her. That was the first and only time we went all the way with someone. That was five years ago and for the past five years we have had the most intense sex reliving that moment in our imaginations during sex.

Because of the fight that ensued afterward, Patricia has been reluctant to do it again but I am determined to convince her to give it another try. My biggest fantasy now is watching Patricia fuck a big black guy. She certainly responds to the fantasy in the bedroom and has gone as far as purchasing a black 8” dildo but so far she is still hesitant to move forward.
Thanks, Sole_Man, for sharing your lovely story! I would love to mention a couple of things.

First, concerning some of the guys you have met before Paul and who wanted to cut you out of the privacy, I do believe you can't expect everyone to feel as comfortable as you may be. Not every Black man that accept to go with someone else wife with his consent can easily accept the idea of being watched by him. There's a load of stress there as this is performing for someone else on a stage, which theater is only the hotel room, or something of this kind. There is a need of enough self-assurance/confidence and/or to be able to perform. So, without knowing those guys, I would say, it's not necessarily being arrogant to refused to have you with them in the room, maybe the way they might asked for it. Otherwise, I think you should discuss the issue with them and explain them that part of the fantasy is actually for you to watch your wife.

Secondly, either your wife is doing it in your back and playing the good wife or you have to let her enjoy on her own someone you both have selected; but, your jealousy is certainly a factor that won't easily let her get involved in another threesome. I guess you have apologized about that past incident. And now you have to make her understand why you got so upset that time and that you want you both to enjoy the exploration of your fantasy but you love her and don't want this to get you apart.

Hope I made myself understand in bringing my 2 cents.