The South African ebony queen & me

Once I dated with a black girl from the South Africa. It was such a weird memory. I saw her in the metro, we started to stare at each other and we left the train in the same station. Then she sad "hello" to me and we started to talk. We went to the same mall and she gave me her number very quickly. Then we ate together and agreed for a date soon. She was very seducing and coquettish but after I told her that I was married, she told me that she would love me if I weren't married. Then we met another day. I wanted to take her somewhere outside. We walked hand in hand. She told me she had a fiancee but I didn't mind. Later she said she has to go to home because she has to buy something for home and she wanted me to come to her flat. I went and I spent for some of her needs which she can not effort. Then we went to her flat, it was so boring but she asked me to wait for the furniture carriers and help in translation. I waited, I helped them in translation and even I paid some money to them. After the work had been done, I ordered pizza and thought finally we can spend time together but she kept a distance and she behaved much different than our first time. She obviously used me but I was a gentleman though. I left her flat and said that probably I wasn't gonna call her anymore. She said she would like to meet but I noticed some other men called her but she behaved them like shit so I thought if I kept calling her, I would be the next shit for her. So I never called her anymore.
Later we met in metro and she asked me why I do not call her and I said I would call later but of course I haven't called her anymore.
I am so eager to be with a black girl although I am married and she was such an ebony queen. She had thick lips, big boobs and an awesome bubble ass. I wanted her but it didn't come true.