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The sounds of sex!

Cucks, have you ever picked up your phone only to hear the sounds of your wife getting fucked?

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My Cuckoldress and I are apart right now because of her mother being ill and she has to take care of her. But Saturday night my phone rang. I pick it up and all I hear on the other end is the sounds of sex! My Cuckoldress had two Black Bulls in her bedroom fucking her silly. I could tell she was sucking one as the other was pounding her married pussy from behind. Every once in a while I would hear her say to "fuck me harder" and I could hear the Bulls telling her what a good slut she is. After about 15 minutes, one of the Bulls said "that is all you get to hear, you sissy cuckyboi" and the phone went dead. The next day she called me to tell me that the Bulls were brothers that she had met at the mall earlier that day. She brought them home and they fucked her all night long. I just wish I had been able to be there to clean up and perform fluffing duties or anything else the Bulls or my Cuckoldress required of me.