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When I look at my cuck hubby, the words that describe him are: submissive, obedient, loving, worships me, anal slut, BBC addict, cocksucker, cuck-boi, perverted, creampie addict...but I never see him as pathetic. Like me, he adores the life-style.
I've talked about this with my husband. He says that having a small penis has affected him his entire life, in all areas of his life. He says it's hard to feel like you matter when other guys have, naturally, what you don't and will never have. He says that when you have a small penis, you automatically know you are worth less. You can be funny, fun to be around, even popular, but if people find out you have a small penis, they see you differently.

My husband told me to think about it, and said that the one way to belittle a man is to mention he has a small penis. Even if his penis is "average," the man is going to feel shame.

Men often equate their masculinity with the size of their penis. And often they find out, when having intercourse, that they cum too fast or last too long and slip out far too often. They also find out that many sexual positions do not work out well when you have a small penis.

One guy wrote to me saying, "I am 43 and I've never had sex due to my lack of confidence regarding my penis. The thing is, I always thought I was 5" or at least 5 and a half, which is still on the smaller side, but I always thought to my self, "Eh, at least I'm average". It wasn't until recently when I learned how to PROPERLY measure my penis and realized I've been doing it wrong all along. I'm actually 4 and a half inches! I'm mortified. I litterally feel sick to my stomach.

I cant believe I have a 4 and a half inch penis. To make things worse, the other day I was at work and a friend of mine told me that her ex boy friend had a "small penis" She then used a pen that was near by to demonstrate how small it was. I then measured the pen and saw it was 5 and a half inches! Can u imagine what she would think of me! It just hit me that I can never hook up with anyone or have a one night stand or maybe even be in a relationship.

The fact that I have a small penis just hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm literally waking up anxious with pain in my stomach. I'm pacing back and forth at the verge of a panic attack. I don't know what to do. Thoughts of suicide have even crossed my mind. I'm just really angry, upset and even a bit jealous at the fact the other guys are going around meeting new women at bars and hooking up, and I cant because of the size of my penis.

I know a lot of people say "One day u will find a girl who loves and accepts u for u", and to be honest, that hurts. The fact that the only time a person would be accepting of my penis Is if she loves me just sucks.

I really don't have any motivation to do anything anymore. My days are usually just filled with sorrow and anxiety. Every time I think about the fact that my penis is less than average, I just get extremely anxious and depressed. I've recently gained a lot of weight and am currently about 50 lbs over weight. I really want to lose weight and get in shape, but the thing is IF I do, I would probably become more attractive to people, which would open the door to women approaching me and tying to date me, which will probably lead to them trying to bang me, and well, we all know where that would lead to."

To be honest, being a woman, I can never truly understand what it must be like for a man to have a small penis. What I do know is that since I have had larger cocks in me, I prefer them.

We all have times in our lives when we are not happy with our body, or a part of our body. Many women worry about the size of their breasts. Many worry that they may be too overweight. I know that women have it just as tough as men do. The thing is that men love sex, and most any woman offering it is going to be able to get it. Whereas, if a man has a small penis, and he offers it, he may not get any.

One woman I have been talking to told me that she and her husband went to a swing club and several women smirked, and other women actually laughed, at her husband's penis, because it was so small. And I am assuming that most small penis men have experienced this on some level in their lives. That makes it tough to have any self esteem at all.

My lovers and their friends stay in me, even after they go soft. And I know that when a small penis man (like my husband) goes soft, he falls out of me. I have discovered that I like a man who has some length to him. I like feeling his cock slide out and in. A man with a small penis is restricted in this area. If he pulls out too far, he falls out. And no matter how deep he tries to go, he is only going to get so far. My husband made the statement, "It's like trying to compare a Smart car to a limo."

As for me, I know that, for many women, the size of a man's penis is not that important, especially in a committed relationship. But when it is just sex, many women want something more than they have been getting, or get, at home. If you are a woman and penis size is not important to you, when you have sex, then I believe that sex probably isn't that important to you, either.
Oh my God, there is more to life than sex and dick size.
There may be more to life than sex and dick size, but to many people sex and dick size dictates their life.

There are men who go their entire life never dating because they are ashamed and embarrassed of their penis size. For men, especially, the size of their penis matters, and it is extremely important to them. My own husband dated girls in his teens and never had sex with them, or even tried, because of his lack of penis size.

My husband's lack of size has made him feel like he can't compete with other men, in any way. He has a decent job and has provided me with a pretty good life, but because he is so small, he doesn't want sex. And he has never believed that I like his cock. My husband's feelings toward his small penis has led to him having E.D.

Many of the guys I have talked to, since I got into this lifestyle, have told me that they have been told to be more giving, orally, since they don't have what it takes to please a woman, with their penis. Other men have told me that they get tired of hearing people say there is more to life than sex. And they hear this from people who get sex, a lot more than they ever can.

One man told me that he's been told, "You might want to prioritize other peoples needs over your own." This same man told me that he has put others before him his entire life. He has always put himself last, and no one ever sees what he's done for them. And no one has ever returned the favor, either.

Many men, that have smaller penises, often end up having sex with prostitutes, so they can have sex. What many people don't realize is that to many men the size of their penis reflects in every aspect of their life. Many smaller penis men "naturally" become subservient to larger cocked men, only because they feel less of a man, because of their penis size.

As far as SEX, a lack of sex is not something only men deal with. Many women have to deal with having a sexless marriage. Sex is important to women, too. Especially in a marriage. A friend of mine told me that it took almost a month for her and her husband to consummate their marriage. Then they had sex twice a month, then once a month, then once every six months or so, then once a year, then NOTHING. She feels like she is dieing more every day. She and her husband hold hands. She knows that he loves her. He does nice things for her. They have the same interests. They talk all the time. But she's just sad. There’s this huge part of their relationship that’s missing. Sex.

Often women who would never even think about having an affair will do so because the closeness that sex brings is missing in their primary relationship. My friend says, "I have so much love and real passion to give and it’s not wanted, appreciated, or returned." And she's added, "And people wonder why women cheat."

It's been said that men think of sex 100 times a day. Many people forget that women like sex, too. And that when it is non-existent, that loss can consume you.

Sure, many couples can go years with no sex in their relationship, but that's not for everyone. If you can be room mates your entire marriage, with no, or little, sex, and that works for you, cool. Many people go into marriage thinking there is going to be sex. And they expect there to be sex. Not all couples who marry do so to have a lifelong room mate. Many people who marry do so to have someone in their life that shares their interests, likes and desires. Someone who they can talk to and fantasize with and even make fantasies come true with.

When you're a woman, and you want sex, and your hubby doesn't deliver the goods, the question is squarely on your shoulders: Is this the type of marriage you want for the rest of your days? No sex . . .limited sex . . .always thinking about sex with somebody else? The more you try not to concentrate on that single fact, the more it can get out of hand and you lose control of the situation. Sex, for some people, can be a deal breaker. It's a harsh fact.

If a woman's husband doesn't make her scream with orgasms, she's not going to want to wait another five years thinking it will get any better. It more than likely won't. These are our best years, right now, today. Wanting and having to go without sex can bring about depression, ill health, and mental illness. When a husband doesn't desire sex, it can affect a wife's self esteem, too.

I know that when I am desired, sexually, I feel wanted and needed. And that's important to me. If I make the first move, and I am rejected, I don't take it as no desire for sex. I take it as a rejection of ME. It's not just men that see sex as important. Women see sex as important, too.

I know people say there are things more important than sex, and in a way i guess they're right, but sex isn't just about sex. It's about passion and communicating on a level that you can't describe. Even if your partner is amazing on other levels, you shouldn't have to settle. I agree that you should want someone who's going give you a good life, but for the price of never feeling amazing or sexy, wanted, needed, or desired? I say you should have it all. And if that includes sleeping with another man or other men, then so be it.

As far as size, yes. I have realized that size does matter, for me. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. I think it makes me a woman who has found what pleases her. And it's not just the cock size that does it for me. It's how aroused I get with my lovers. It's about how thinking about them makes me feel. I love my husband, and I appreciate all that he has done for and with me, but I also love my lovers for all that they have done for and with me.

When there is good sex in your life, there is a balance. When good sex is absent from your life, there is a true imbalance.