The role of the white cuck

I've had my share of experience with cuck hubbys in my 8 years of Masterhood. I was reading thur a post a few mins ago that made me remember something. I had a husband ask would I consider taking him and his wife on as my subs. After talking with them both and laying out my expectation, I agreed. Now to full grasp the situation, you must understand that this was not strictly a physically Dominate relationship. It extended far outside of the bedroom. My will was theirs to obey. Whatever that may have been at the time. In the bedroom, the hubby was allowed to watch if I chose it for him. Often times I would make him sit just outside the closed door. As expected, his wife was mine to do as I pleased with. Afterwards, I would always make the hubby come in and eat all of my cum from both of his wife's holes. That was his role. Humiliation and abuse. Later in the relationship, he meekly asked for his role to be expanded, he wanted more of my attention. As pennence for this, he made what I consider the ultimate offering any Master such as myself could receive. Not money nor gifts. He offered up his 19 year old daughter. So enveloped was this family into BBC Domination, it expanded into a family affair. The wife would never say one word of objection about her being introduced, and the daughter had been groomed for this apparently and was very open sexually from the very start. As you may guess, I granted the hubby more involvement in the bedroom. I will go into details of who did what with whom on a later post. For now I will just say that the family has grown by one. A baby was born. Such a great season in my life.