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The ring

My Fantasy Land

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When you did the ring at exchange at the wedding, you thought you'd live up to your part. But...after being denied several times because of his stupid, stubborn lack of interest (hanging with the guys, watching the game), he left you no other choice but to cheat. Now, as you see your bulls behind his back, you make sure you keep your ring on. Why? You don't exactly know why....you just do.



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You nailed it my first wife a month into our marriage got PO'd when I went golfing with the guys and got home later missing a dinner, she was gone and didn't get home until after midnight. Found out later that was the first time she cheated with a co worker and he knew she was married and didn't care if she was wearing a ring.
I did not take my ring that gave me my partner.
It makes me think sometimes in when I see it on my finger, and it gives me much pleasure to be screwing around with others who also love, knowing that fucking be the wife of another ...., the ring is important in the game cuckold :threesome:


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The wedding ring is symbolic only in regards to one's commitment to the one they're married. I would be more offended or hurt if my spouse removed her wedding rings than if she kept them on her finger. It tells the one she's with that ultimately they're no more than a "fuck toy" for her current, sexual gratification and keeps everything in perspective.
Yes, that is correct. I have never cheated on my husband and I never will. I play with other men with my husband's permission, approval, and encouragement....that is not cheating and a big difference from those women who do cheat. Do you know the definition of cheating?
I totally agree. I do not cheat, both, give us absolute freedom to enjoy sex with whom we like.
Unlike know love, sex only for fun, no strings attached, just in search of pleasure. The ring, makes the other bull, feel that this fucking a woman who has an owner or husband, and that's more exciting than a single woman. True?

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