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The ring

Here is the ring that the wife's Bull gave her. She wears it all the time and was told by him never to take it off. That was 14 years ago.
she still wears it all the ting even when taking a bath. she has had other Bulls since him, and one currently. zzz.jpg
I asked her if she was ever going to take it off and she said " No I made a promise not to."
Do any of your wives wear jewelry the Bull gave your wife?
Here is a picture of my wife's back. notice the black snake that is right up the middle.
Black guy's that see it hit on her once in while and most times she will windup going home with them.
I have never seen her or have been able to take a picture. I did once see a little in a parking lot, and once she was laying on a bathroom floor and I went in to pee . she was pissed but there were four or five guys waiting and watching.