The R word

I have mentioned before that I have a serious Rape fantasy. I don't want to be injured or hurt. I just want to be well used by total strangers and totally dominated to the extreme. There isn't much I wouldn't do anyway so In my fantasy I am ordered to do things and punished if I don't do it exactly as told. When I've been with multiple men there is always one guy who is in charge. I want all of them to order me around. I picture being hrld somewhere for a week or so totally naked th ever have black cock Rape e whole time. With black men coming and going with only me to use for their pleasure. I want cocks pulled out and put in front of my face and ordered to suck it. I want my ass pouded until I scream . I want to be made to lick cum off the floor if it spills from my cunt. I would even like to be slapped and have my hair pulled. I want to be just a place for any black man to put his cock. And most of all I want as much cum as possible squrted on my face and tits with the rest shot down my throat. Any other females on this sight have fantasies about being raped by black men?


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I know some won't get what Im saying. But I think it would be hot. I wouldn't want to be hurt and realisticly I would prefer it was set up. By someone I know. But I would like them to be strangers to me. And of course I would want them to all be black. ( Hung too would be nice) What can I say a girl can dream can't she.
Dream on T dream on . Will be looking out for that fantasy thread ;)


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Find a nice S&M or Bondage group. Lots of those around these days. The guy that use to work on my old computer had one in his basement. I was quite impressed with the decorating; looked like he'd put some bucks in the decorations and equipment he had. He invited my wife and me to attend, but that was a bit more than we wished to chew.
But if one is looking for "forced sex" ... there ya go! I'm a bit concerned with the "rape" idea; if things go sour, the bitch gets upset and complains, its the guys with their dicks out that go to jail. Courts tend to always side with the women in rape complaints + they can be publically embarrassing.
I knew the R word would touch some nerves. No woman wants a man, black or white, to fuck her if she doesn't want him to. It's all about the fantasy and being used. You can act it out, I have many times. but to take it further you need to be not expecting it or knowing the men who do it and a plus is to do it where there is no chance of being caught, no need to hurry or to make sure I don't scream (good luck with that, I would be screaming for sure)
Interesting. i never thought of it like that from the woman's point of view and i think a little but of the rape fanatsy is in it for alot of women

We are on here as a couple and i like the idea of watching my partner be a total slut for some guy or guy's but i never wanted this with any of my other partners. ( this one is now long term).

This all came about because when we were fucking she always wanted more and more and to have it harder and harder. After we had introduced toys into our sex life she soon got bored of that and again more and more.

We could often fuck for hours and at the end she would say i need more.

Any way this is when the thought of her being a total slut started to become a fantasy for both of us and started to view sites like this together when were fucking and it turned her on no end.

At present when we are having a marathon session she loves hair pulling being called names throat grabbing and shit like that. She asks me to pull her hair and fuck her harder from behind. Being honest with myself i can't fuck her hard enough ( and my cock is not that small ) and yes she has told me this on some occasions telling me that she loves me but needs it harder than i can give it her.
I asked her what she would like me to do when some guy is doing this and she said i would make you kiss me. ( diry cow)

So here we are looking to turn her into a total slut for guy or guy's and i know deep down that she want's to be used and dominated by more than one guy. I am apprrehensive but excited she is wanting.

Any way here is a pic of my lady and any feedback is extremely appreciated especially for her. off phone 010.jpg
It's just the way we were built. If I'm wet enough I can go all night, but dry not gonna happen. Lube is ok but if you enjoy sucking cock as much as I do, the taste of the lube gets to you after a while. The packaging may say it tastes great and is non toxic but I don't think so. A cock covered in pussy juice is something I love, even if its not my juice. I got of track a little. A good stud can no doubt satisfy a couple of friendly women. A friendly woman can satisfy many horny men. Go for it as long as you believe sex is not love because it isn't sex is sex love is love. Although the cuckold thing is something I never experienced I do believe that you can have a life partner and many sex partners. You didn't mention that you wanted a black man? is that what you want? Find the right guy and work out the details and when he slides that big dick inside of you and starts pounding you like never before your going to need it again and again.


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The rape fantasy seems to be a common fantasy. There are issues with strangers you need to take into consideration. A big one is STD's. If you are married or seriously involved you could bring home a surprise that would take some serious explaining. Even if your significant other is involved and STD can put a damper on your love life. The other thing is with a stranger(s) you don't know how real the rape will be. Getting 10 thick inches stuffed into you is mind bending if you are into it. But if your bull(s) don't show some consideration that big cock can be a very unpleasant experience
Good question. I think a well set up situation where I wasn't completely sure would do the trick. I would want to be completely taken and controlled, told what to do in a way where there would be no question that total compliance is my only option. I swear I get so hot thinking about it. Complete and total domination and my total submission to multiple black men with big thick black cocks. As dark as possible to contrast my white skin and red lipstick