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The Preparation of Louise 5

Scarface dropped to his knees between her lovely spread thighs.

"I am going to find out what white virgin pussy tastes like."

Louise moaned tried to push his head away.

Smiler and Shorty grabbed her hands pulling them up and away above her head.

Louise jerked and shuddered as something hot and wet lapped across her virgin center. Her hips jerked upwards and shook, as she felt a hot wetness licked across her clitoris. She had never felt anything like this in her life. It was his tongue she realized in disbelief. He was licking her down there with his tongue!

She shook and jerked in response to the exquisite sensations.

How on earth could something so dirty feel so good?!

Smiler, Shorty and Georgy stared down at the young English beauty as she squirmed and wriggled in response to the ministrations of their leader's active tongue between her legs. Her remarkably full breasts quivered and bobbed as she moved. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and gasping. Her lovely blonde hair splayed across the bed. Smiler indicated to Georgy that he should take the girl's hands in his and hold them well above her head. Louise offered no resistance as her hands were raised. Her hips rose in the air then collapsed back onto the bed as she responded to the incredibly exciting sensations between her legs.

With her hands held above her head, her full breasts jutted upwards. Pink nipples, hard and taut, stood proud of her lovely mounds. Smiler and Shorty nodded to each other then dropped to their knees on either side of Louise.

She did not realize their intentions.

Her full attention was on the incredible sensation of a man's tongue, wet and hot, licking between her legs.

The idea of such a thing was enough to make her swoon. The actual sensation of his tongue licking and swirling around her feminine center was unbelievable.

Hot lips descended and clamped onto her proud previously untouched nipples. Lips suckled delightedly on the aroused nibs, and her body jerked reflexively.

"Ooooh...ooooh...haaa...no... too good... oh god...."

Tongues swirled around her aureoles. Teeth nipped and gnawed, teasing the thickened tips. Louise jerked as the tongue between her legs slid between her inner lips and slipped inside her inner core. She jerked and twisted as a mini-orgasm wracked her body. Black hands grasped her lithe limbs. Holding her steady while greedy tongues worked on her virginal innocence.

"Aarrrrgh...oh stop...stop... oh yes...soo good...my god!"

Louise trembled and shook at the incredible sensations driving her crazy with pleasure.

Georgy looked down at the unbelievably, beautiful, blonde 18-year-old as she writhed. Held down by the exploring black hands, that had begun to caress and fondle this aroused white virgin.

Scarface had promised he would be able to fuck this girl. Georgy had not believed him. Georgy was fat. There was no hiding that description. He did not get any girls. He knew when Scarface had befriended him it was because his brother was a police officer. Georgy was beyond caring. Not many people bothered with Georgy. With Scarface as a friend, other people would had started to leave him alone. He had not believed him when Scarface had pointed out Louise in the street and told him that he would get a chance to fuck her as much as he wanted.

Louise had looked like an angel. Strolling down the street without a care in the world, with her blonde hair flowing behind her in the wind like a golden sail.

An untouchable white girl!

Not only that, she was beautiful. She was not for the likes of him.

She was going to be a whore, Scarface had told him.

A whore for black cock!

Georgy had not believed him, but had been too polite and afraid to comment. Now that girl writhed on the bed naked. Those magnificent, big breasts exposed to his eyes. Smiler and Shorty were greedily sucking and licking the full wobbling globes. Her lovely, shapely, white legs were now draped over the broad black shoulders of Scarface, as he avidly tongued the girl's virgin opening.

Her eyes were wide, and unfocused as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Georgy began to believe Scarface had been telling the truth. If he were allowed to take his turn with this vision of loveliness he would do anything Scarface asked of him.

Anything at all!

He stared at Louise, at her small shapely ears.

A sudden thought came to him and he dropped to his knees. He leaned closer. She had really lovely, small, ears. Pink, fresh, virginal? He leaned closer. He took in the sudden