The Preparation of Louise 3

Involuntarily her nipples tingled and thickened, becoming hard minor peaks poking through her sweater. Her body’s reaction was totally unintentional on the part of Louise. Unfortunately, her body had reacted to this situation in a manner that Louise did not understand.

As she was not wearing a bra, her arousal was obvious to the watching men. Her knees started to feel weak, and she was very noticeably damp between her legs.

She was also scared. She was, after all, a virgin despite her erotic daydreams.

"I think you are a whore."

"I am not!"

The men's eyes traveled over her body, four men, devouring her with their eyes. Men who had every intention of doing exactly what they wished with her. She trembled unsure why her body had started tingling.

"All the girl's back home dress like this!"

"Are they all virgins, too?"

Louise flushed.

"How can you accuse me of being a whore when I am still a virgin?"

"All whores were virgins once."

Scarface let the words hang in the air.

"Care to tell me about your dreams?"

Louise flushed scarlet.

Scarface laughed.

"I like to think I am particularly good at spotting whores. You will make a particularly good one. You will be very popular."

Louise glared at him.

"Now let's see what is under that skirt."

Scarface advanced on Louise.

Louise stepped way but Shorty and Smiler had quickly advanced and seized her arms. Louise struggled in their arms to no avail. Their hands were like iron bands around her soft, slim arms.

Even as she struggled in their arms Scarface leaned down and deftly whipped her short skirt up until it bunched around her waist. The material held in position by the ripe curves of her rounded hips.

Scarface stepped back and released a sigh of appreciation. Louise shrieked and wriggled her hips, but her short skirt could not slide down on its own over her lovely curves.


Georgy Peorgy was eying her legs with a look of wonder in his eyes.

Louise glared fiercely at Georgy who simply laughed. She crossed her legs to try and hide her more intimate parts. Unfortunately her pose only served to enhance the sexy curves of her shapely legs.

A hand cupped her bottom, followed quickly by a second. Shorty and Smiler both had a free hand each and had taken the opportunity to cup and fondle the cheeks of the girl's well-rounded derriere, now partly exposed by the rising line of her panties.

For the first time in her life Louise felt warm male hands explore her bottom. Fingers that lightly stroked across the exposed, soft, panty covered flesh. She quivered at the strange and interesting tingling that those hands were generating.

"Are they for real?"

The words brought her attention back to her front. The African she thought of as Georgy Porgy was staring at her breasts. The low cut of her top exposed the full rounded curves that now seemed fuller and seemed to be surging upwards with each heave of nervous breath.

That surge was not created by a tight, designed, brassiere. It was the natural buoyancy of youthful womanhood at its prime that had created those lovely curves. Georgy leaned forward and his hands reached out. Louise cringed away from those advancing hands.

Scarface growled.

In a swift, sure movement, he whipped out a large knife and waved it front of her face. Louise stared at the wicked blade, at the nasty-looking serrated edge and froze. Scarface whisked the knife up, twirled it in the eyes of Louise then swept down in a fierce, tearing slice. Louise screamed as she felt the cold blade slide down her chest. With a quick forceful jerk the edge of the knife sliced easily through the material of Louise's sweater.