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the plan

i got to share this.
last night princess asked to put some porn on.
i have some interseting ir vids on me iphone
i picked the 1 that looked most like her an she watched it on all 4's whilst i got big leeroy(dildo) 9"x7"
wow she creamin like mad.
how long do i carry on with this before we take next step
p.s not every bull expects the guy to be a cuck do they?
cos im not into that, an i wont get into that
3sums spit roast


Sweet & Cordial
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MuvaLuvs, next step seems to be to safely get her some exposure to black men. Attending some local swing clubs on Hospitality Night is always a good idea. That way you two can chat with selected men and if the chemistry is right, she can invite them to her home. (see attached link) Check out their websites, first:
Another idea would to take her clubbing, so she can hook up with some black men to dance with. Possibly wear some BBC jewelry or temp BBC tattoo to send out a clear signal that she's looking for black men. You need to be prepared to step out of the way once she hooks up. Possibly once you see she's hooking up, you go prepare the guest room ... cause that's where YOU'LL be sleeping quite a bit. Hey, its all about HER happiness, right? Just think how unusually different her pussy will feel the next day, after he's left ... trust me, it will feel different! :)
an another note, i'll not push my princess into anything she's uncomfartable with. i protect her like a lion! she's interested but not if you know what i mean