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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Britwhitecuck, Aug 26, 2013.

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    For an attractive yet smallish white male like me the desire to be an interracial cuckold is just so powerful! All the loving, sharing, empathic and long-term rules still apply, but just love white women who like black men!
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    Why would you pursue a woman that has preferences for the opposite of what you are? You'd do best by first developing a relationship with a woman that has desires for you, then, allow her to expand her relationships (no guarantee) later in the marriage. Problem is, unless she's happy with you, once these outside relationships begin she's probably going to eventually develop the kind of relationship she desires and you'll be on the outside looking in, again.
    What exactly is your reasoning for desiring a long-term relationship with a woman that prefers sex with black men instead of you? Is it your desire to be submissieve to a black man? Have bisexual relationships with a black man? What?
    If this is your search criteria in a woman, then I believe, over much of your life, you're going to be living a very single and frustrated life. :confused:
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    As always thanks MacNfries for a thoughtful response.
    The bottom line is I cannot express verbally why I want a long-term relationship with a white female who likes big black men other than to say that on an emotional level I find such women incredibly exciting. And it's not because I want a sexual relationship with a black man - I have nothing against this but I just find white women who are black owned the ultimate sexual attraction.
    It's definitely not the only criterion I'm looking for in a partner by any means but I'm happy enough with my life to wait till I find a woman who is compatible with me on this and on other factors too.
    It's a very valid point about why would a woman who likes big black men be interested in a white guy and most won't! But there are a few out there who may think about a cuckold relationship for a number of reasons and with the reach of the internet it increases ones chances of finding such ladies.
    I will try and elucidate why I think I'm an interracial cuck shortly when I've given it plenty of consideration but till then this is the best I can do.
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