The New Neighbors - Part 2


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(work in progress!)

William had my wife get up and kneel on the couch facing the back. He pushed her head down onto the back of the couch as he prepared to sample her wet pussy. Larry made his way to the backside of the couch and held his cock in front of her face as he stroked it. William spread her pussy lips open as he probed her cunt with his tongue. She moaned with pleasure as his tongue entered her lovebox. Larry stroked his tool a few more times and then guided his hard-on into my wife’s waiting mouth. She moaned again as Larry began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. After William felt that my wife’s pussy was ready, he stood up and stroked his hardening cock a few times before guiding it into my wife’s pussy. He entered slowly but persistently made his way deeper into her cunt.

She pulled Larry’s cock out of her mouth and gasped,” Let me feel that big black black man cock deep in my pussy!”

Complying with her request, William pushed his cock deep into her pussy with one thrust, as if he was showing his sexual superiority as a “black man”. All but about an inch of his engorged rod entered her cunt as she gasped for air.

“Oh yes!!” she moaned. “That is so fuckin’ deep in my tight white pussy.”

A determined William, pulled his cock out several inches and plunged back in. This time all ten inches were buried deep in her pussy as she gasped again. Larry shoved his cock back in my wife’s mouth and slowly fed it deeper into her throat. Soon, my wife had 18 inches of hard cock in her mouth and pussy. They both began fucking her at both ends. They were furiously thrusting in and out of her, I was sure they would both cum soon. Just as I thought none of them could take any more, William pulled his cock out of her pussy.

“Lay down on the floor and let me really pound you like the black cock slut you are.” William instructed as he pulled my wife off the couch.

William threw Carol on the floor and knelt between her legs. Roughly, he picked up one leg in each massive paw of his and spread her legs apart. Then he inched forward until his cock head was touching her pussy lips. He inserted his cock into her, spreading her cunt open as it entered. My wife let out a yelp as his massive black cock slid all the way in, reaching unexplored territory inside her cunt. After a couple deep thrusts from William’s oversized penis, Carol began to spasm as she reached an earth shattering orgasm. Just as she began to scream in ecstasy, Larry found his way from around the couch and muffled my wife’s cry by inserting his still hard cock oozing with precum deep into her open mouth. Instinctively, she sucked his thick cock into her abused throat as she shuttered in her own orgasm.

By this time, my legs were getting sore since I’ve been standing the whole time watching my wife getting abused by two big cocks… one of them being black! I was angry, jealous and aroused at the same time. Ignoring the stiffness in my legs, I paid attention to the stiffness in my pants. I pulled out my erect penis from my pants and began to stoke my much smaller 6” cock. As these two men now continued to fuck my wife from both ends, for the 2nd time, I blew my load almost immediately. I groaned and then panicked when I realized I did it aloud! Obviously involved in wild sex, none of the occupants in the house heard me.

The men grunted like wild beasts as they plowed into Carol from both ends. She still lay on her back with her head tilted back to allow Larry to penetrate her throat fully. I could hear her gag with every thrust of that thick white cock. Surprisingly, I felt my cock begin to swell once again. My wife’s body convulsed again as another orgasm swept through her body. I heard her muffled groan that escaped from around Larry’s engorged erection.

After what seemed like hours of sodomizing my wife, Larry screamed, “Oh Fuuuuck!!!”

I saw his ass tighten and his cock embed itself into my wife’s throat. Carol’s eyes flew open as Larry , once again shot his hot jizz down my wife’s throat. She panicked and I heard her gag loudly as she struggled to extricate his convulsing cock from her throat. He held her firmly refusing to pull out. Larry continued to grunt with each wave of his ejaculation. I could see my wife’s swollen throat swallow in synch his grunts as she swallowed wave after wave of cum.

As Larry pulled his spent cock from my wife’s mouth and rubbed his slimy limp dick all over her face, I was surprised to see that she must have swallowed every drop of his cum!

“Shit that was good” Larry stated as he fell backwards, totally exhausted and drained.

He got up and went to the side area of the house where the bedrooms and bathrooms were at. I assumed to clean the cum and Carol’s saliva off his cock. William continued to plow his glistening black pole into Carol’s swollen and used pussy. Like a freight train building up speed, he picked up his pace until his massive black cock was all but a blur as it slid in and out of my childhood sweethearts little white body.

Once again able to concentrate on the huge cock wrecking her pussy, Carol came yet again screaming “yes, yes, yeeees!... Fuck me more! Cum in my tight pussy! Let me feel your hot cum inside me!”

“Bitch”, William said, “Time I fucked your mouth again. That’s what a little white slut needs! Tell me you want it.”

“Yes! I’m a slut for your black cock.” Carol confessed. “ Please fuck my white mouth with your big fuckin’ black man dick.”

“OK slut” he stated. I’m gonna fuck your mouth like it’s a cunt. Your gonna deep throat every inch of this big black dick”.

“Oh fuck!” my wife answered with apprehension. She glanced down between her legs at the large piece of black meat that protruded from her swollen cunt.”It’s so fuckin’ big.” She stated, “I can’t take ALL of it!”

Ignoring her comment, William slid his glistening cock out of my wife’s cunt. She shuddered at the sudden emptiness in her pussy. He sat back on the couch and pulled my abused wife onto her knees in front of him. He grabbed her head and pulled it straight onto his rock hard cock. I heard her cough as she gagged on his huge erection. She tried to grab his massive cock with one hand in an attempt to control how much cock enters her mouth but William slapped it way.

“No hands bitch!” he ordered. “I just want to feel mouth and throat! I’ll go easy on ya…for now!”

Carol complied and kept both hands on the edge of the couch for support. William then grabbed her head with both hands as he did earlier. He pulled and pushed her onto his raging hard on. He went slow and shallow as to not make her gag.

“Fuck yeah!” he commented. “That feels nice. Just like that”

He let go of her as she continued to rock back and forth allowing the massive cock to enter and exit her mouth. She started to suck the head each time it entered into her wet mouth. I could tell she was giving it some attention from her tongue as well. Some moans escaped from her occupied mouth as she started to get into giving this strange black man the second blowjob of the night.

“Mmmmm” he moaned, “You are such a slut for black dick, aren’t you?”

My wife moaned loudly as if to agree.

“Now take it deeper.” William ordered.

I could see more black cock start to disappear between my wife’s lips. Centimeter by centimeter she took more and more of his huge erection. I began to wonder where Larry was and took my focus away from my wife sucking her black lover. It was then that I saw him in the dark hallway barely visible. He had a small camera in his hand and was filming my wife sucking William’s dick! Carol was so focused on the task at hand that she didn’t see Larry, but he had a perfect angle for filming this blowjob. I was furious and scared, I was tempted to run in and stop this. Now! But yet I found it to be a turn on! Of course my cock was fully erect again ready to explode once again. Soon, I was able to tell that Carol had reached her limit. She managed to stuff over half of his manhood into her mouth but she began to gag each time his swollen member bottomed out.

“C’mon, deeper bitch.” He commanded. “Swallow more of it, fight it!”

My wife stopped fucking his cock with her mouth and hunkered down to the task at hand. She took his rock hard cock into her mouth until she started to gag. Carol fought to force more into her throat as she coughed and fought the urge to vomit. I almost came when all but maybe 3” of solid black cock disappeared into her mouth and down her throat. She pulled his engorged black penis out of her mouth and coughed again.

“It’s so fuckin’ big!” she announced. Mesmerized by the huge piece of manhood in front of her. There was lots of drool and precum that made William’s cock look slimy. He stroked his hard cock a few times and I swear it seemed to grow even more! He stood up still stoking his cock and presented it to my wife’s mouth as she was trying to catch her breath. She opened her mouth obediently. William took the opportunity and slide his black snake between her lips and in one thrust, shoved it to the point where Carol gagged just a little. He backed off a little and held her head in his hands. He held her still as he began to pump his fat cock deeper and deeper. She gagged each time as he continued to shove his cock further and further into her abused throat until only 3” of black cock was left exposed from her mouth.

“Listen to me carefully.” William spoke to my wife calmly as he pulled his cock from her mouth. “When you feel the urge to puke, I want you to swallow hard and fast. If you don’t you WILL puke… understand?”

Carol nodded in acknowledgement. “It’s too damn big, I can’t take more.” She added.

“Just do it, take my cock like a good little white slut.” William replied.

Before my wife could answer, William had his cock back in her mouth, fucking it as he held her head still. Thrusting his hips back and forth, his fat cock went deeper and deeper into my wife’s mouth with each thrust. He slowed as it started to hit her gag reflex. Gradually, he eased it deeper. No longer did he thrust but keep inching it deeper until tears welled up in Carol’s eyes. With 3” left, he reminded her to swallow. I could see her trying to swallow as William forced more and more of his ebony manhood into her throat. To my amazement, he continued until his balls rested on her chin! He pulled his cock out a few inches and then thrust it back in balls deep. He continued to fuck my wife’s throat like this for a few moments, then he pulled her onto his hard on as he thrust forward faster and faster. Each time he bottomed out, my wife made her “uumpf” sound of enjoyment! She grabbed him by his ass and was helping him drive his throbbing cock deep into her throat.

“Shhhiiiit! Here it comes!” William announced, pulling his cock out of Carol’s stretched out throat.

My wife coughed and gasped for air as his slime covered pole exited. William stoked his shaft twice and then his cock released what was building up inside is balls this whole time. A stream of white jizz erupted from William’s pulsating cock inches from Carol’s face. The impact was so great, I could see cum ricocheting off her face. It found its mark on her right cheek and travelled up to her forehead and into her hair, luckily her eyes were closed.

“Oh my gawd!” She exclaimed, obviously shocked by the amount of cum that just hit her face. She spoke just in time for the next volley to hit her open mouth and travel up onto her nose and toward her right eye that was already glued shut with sperm. She coughed loudly nearly choking on cum. Stream after stream of thick cum bombarded my wife’s face and mouth. Soon she was dripping his jizz off her face and onto her tits and chest.

“That was so much fuckin’ cum!” she stated as she looked for a towel to clean up with.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” William smiled still stroking his now softening dick.

I glanced to where Larry was but he was no longer there. He probably retreated after William finished blackening my wife.

“So, where is your cuckold husband anyways?” William inquired.

“He’ll be back soon” Carol lied. “He had to take care of something at work but will be home in a bit.”

“That’s a lie!” Larry stated as he entered the living area from the hallway with the camera behind his back. “He won’t be back until morning, that’s what he told us when he left.”

“Well” said William turning toward my wife. “It looks like we time for more fun! In fact, I have some buddies that would be interested in fucking a little white cum slut like you.”

“Oh! no fuckin’ way” my wife said in a panic, “It was bad enough I fucked both of you.”

“Well, I guess we’ll just have to tell your husband what went on here tonight.” William threatened.

“You know what; go ahead, I’ll just deny everything.” Carol refuted. “I’ll say you raped me.”

“That won’t work I’m afraid, I have it on video!” Larry stated as he pulled the camera from behind him.

My wife sat back down in disbelief as William picked up his cell phone.