The New Black Power


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Maybe the big question is what percentage of female population are actively using this kind of apps to find sex. My view is many woman want to 'enjoy life' when they are 18-30 years old and then want to find a loyal and loving husband. Some of them date black and marry white, trying to keep in secret their slutty life period.
I wish they wouldn’t keep their slutty side an secret!


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Well....for me the only way, 90% of the time anyways, that I can get hard and cum is to watch BBC porn. Just from imagination alone Ive lost the ability to get hard even. I suspect that I've a pretty good case of erectile dysfunction. Due to addiction to BBC and porn.
. Common Issue but not unique to BBC and porn. Common with many forms of substance abuse. You need more of it to have an effect. Have heard it said that it has to do with seratonin levels in the brain. As seratonin levels are artifically raised much higher than normal , they also return to much lower than normal. Prolonged use has the effect of pushing seratonin ( and testosterone) levels down which also has a calming effect which also explains why Beta males are usually less aggressive sexually.