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The Navy is in Port ....

I think we need to liven up this site with a little "Light Humor"! To that end here's my contribution! What's yours'!

A US Aircraft carrier entered a foreign port to refuel, resupply and give the crew some R & R time as the ship had been at sea for several months! Four of the younger sailors thought they'd take in some shore time and explore the surrounding neighborhoods!

During their escapade through a dubious neighborhood they came upon a sex boutique and decided to explore its contents! Once inside they looked at all the different xxx movies and sex toys. etc. The item that caught the eye of the more enterprising sailor amongst them were "artificial pussies"! There were white ones, brown ones, black ones plus various sizes! The enterprising sailor immediately came up with a great entrepreneurial proposal! "Hey, guys! With several thousand horny sailors aboard ship, if each one of us buy one of these, we can make a fortune! I bet we can get 25 bucks a pop just renting them for an hour to each guy!" The others, not ones prone to argue with their friend whose reputation aboard for his business skills, all bought into the proposal! On the way back to the ship all four talked excitedly about how much money they would make and how damn easy it would be to make it! They even agreed to meet the next morning to compare notes and how much each guy had made!

The enterprising young sailor was the first to speak up at breakfast that morning!

"Hey, guys! What a night! Most of our buddies that I rented my pussy to had it for just ten minutes. Christ, I made 625 bucks for the night at 25 bucks a pop!"

The second sailor spoke up. "I didn't do that well! But I am as happy as hell with the 550 bucks I took in! That's more than a weeks pay in this navy and I still got my asset! Wow!"

The third sailor spoke up. "I hope that I'm at least in 3rd place! I made 475 bucks renting out my pussy! I'm happy!"

Then there was a long silence when the entrepreneur spoke up.

"Hey, Buddy, your turn! How much did you rake in!"
"I only took in 25 bucks!"
"What the hell! How come!"


"My first and only rental was to that French guy, Pierre, AND HE ATE THE DAMN THING!"