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The Morning After .....

Ever since we first posted about the first time my wife had ever had a big black cock, we've been asked if she's done it again since then! Somewhat regretfully, no she hasn't! At least not with anyone else other than Edwin, my old university friend, who happens to be black, that is. Actually Edwin had her at his leisure and pleasure for the full 4 days that we attended that convention. Between the two of them it was one continual "FuckFest" for the entire 4 days.

While we've recounted just about all the details of that first time Edwin fucked her in our previous posting, (its in the Interracial Story Section on this site if you're interested in reading about it, and the wife just loves to review readers comments if you feel so inclined to do so!) we made absolutely no mention of what transpired over the following days! Anyway we might just do that sometime in the near future. Plus, if I can get the wife to agree (Edwin has) to allow me to post some of the pictures and movies I took, I will!

Anyway, my purpose here is two fold! First to tell you that when Edwin and my wife had been somewhat satiated that first time, which went on until the break of dawn the next morning, my wife fell asleep out on the patio on the lounging chair. Her pussy was exposed so I took a picture of it and, yes, that's really it we use as our Avatar. She later told me and I quote: " ... it still felt swollen and sore from that thing Edwin keep poking in there all night and I thought it needed some rest and sunshine to sooth it!"

In any event, shortly after I took this picture, Edwin came out onto the patio, without even acknowledging either me or my wife, got down between her legs and commenced chewing her pussy! This of course quickly bought her from her slumber! After several minutes he was pounding her again as hard as he had been the very first time he had gotten into her the night before! Her fucked her for perhaps, five minutes or so before she went to the land of "nod" and shortly afterwards he blew a full load of hot cum deep in her honey hole! My wife screamed with delight as Good Old Edwin just kept pounding her, never missing a stroke for what seemed to be an hour ... but perhaps, in hindsight at least, was maybe half that! The two of them continued playing with each other for at least the next two to three hours before breaking for breakfast! The reason I'm telling you this is that I have a question!!

Do you think that after fucking my wife all night long as he had, is it normal for any guy, black or white, or whatever, to be that horny and have that much stamina that he was able to keep it hard all that time??
I would agree with the 'normal' consensus. Knowing he had only a short time to stretch her pussy out and make it 'remember' his manhood and DNA, is was pure mating instinct for him to put as much seed into her as he could muster.
On a different note, what I found most interesting was the morning after!

The fact that she wanted to sun her opened, cum filled sex on the balcony suggests that she wanted the world to see that your Black friend marked her sacred area - that she wanted to show the world what her new lover had done to her white married pussy.

The fact that the previous evenings festivities went unspoken belies that she is not seeking your approval henceforth in the matter - that it shall remain unspoken that her pussy is no longer yours exclusively. By not broaching the topic with you it almost seems like she doesn't want to give you the chance to voice a problem. By not opening a conversation, she is paving the road so that should you develop 'cold feet' later she has a valid point to respond by saying 'You should have said something that morning.'

Which is of course fair comment.

The fact that he went to her, inoring you, and initiated sex by giving her oral sex while she slumbered shows that he is comfortable 'taking the reigns' from you . . . HE is her lover now . . . and he took her just as a proper lover should; no asking the husband (who invited him), just going straight to the woman that invited him between her precious thighs . .