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The book is finally out. Here I want to share with you an excerpt from the latest Black Master SHANGO novel: "The Merry Wives of Master Shango, Pt. One". If you've read the first Master Shango novel, then you know that this one is going to be packed with as much action as the former.


Master Olu Shango sat on the long couch in his shirt and pants watching a movie showing in the TV. It wasn’t until Blair came further into the room and turned to look at it that she was shocked to see it was a video of a black man tearing a white woman apart on a bed, the volume loud enough to hear the women screaming from the pounding. Monica pulled her to stand before Olu.
“Master, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Blair. I’ve been telling her a lot of interesting stuff about you.”
Olu rose from the couch and shook Blair’s hand. She was mesmerised by his presence and her mouth and eyes hung open at him. Olu took her hand to his lips and kissed it.
“Pleasure meeting you, Blair,” he said. “You been in need of something as well? Something your man back home can’t give to you?”
Blair didn’t know what to say to this but nodded her head.
“You’re a big woman, I see.” His eyes ran up and down her figure. “How about you turn around for me.”
He held her hand above her head as if giving her a spin and Blair did a three-sixty turn for him. Olu immediately pulled her towards him and pressed his face against hers. Blair wasn’t expecting this and made a grunting sound as his face pushed her glasses further up her face as his lips came in contact with hers. Seconds later his tongue gained entrance between her lips and they were kissing. She couldn’t believe herself relaxing against this tall, black man. The way his hands gripped her arms, pressing his body against hers, she was gradually overwhelmed by his power. Monica sat down on the couch watching them.
Olu pulled away from their kiss. Blair instinctively leaned her face forward, wanting to get more of his lips. He came behind her, reached under her arms and squeezed her large pair of breasts, weighting them in his hands. Blair murmured a sigh from this. Olu pushed down her dungaree’s arms and removed her t-shirt from her head, tumbling her glasses off her face. He massaged her breasts into apparent hardness; Blair’s breathing quickened from it. All of a sudden she wanted this black man; she felt a facet being turned on between her legs as her pussy let go its warmth. Monica came forward and helped undo the buttons of her dungarees and pushed it down her legs till all she had now was her panties. Monica pushed that down her legs as well.
“You’re not going to be needing those here,” she crackled as she returned to the couch and she too started undoing the buttons of her jeans.
Olu Shango turned Blair around to face him and once again plastered his lips to hers, sliding and pulling at her tongue while she moaned in response. An electric shock of pleasure coursed through her body while this happened, and she saw herself caressing his arms and pulling him towards herself as well. His hands grasped one of her tits and brought it to his lips, munching on her nipple. Blair emitted a gasping cry from this. Her hand went down to his crotch and her eyes flared wide when she felt the monster stick that her fingers grasped. Olu sucked on one pair of tit then turned to the other and did the same. He raised her tit up to her face and Blair too sucked on her breasts as well.
“Down on your knees, slut!”
Olu’s hand pushed her head downward to her knees, her face now touching the bulge in his crotch. She looked up at him expectantly.
“Go ahead, unzip me,” he told her.
Blair’s hand worked the metal tag of his zipper and reached a hand inside and pulled out the most fascinating piece of snake she’d ever held. His prick was thick and long and sinewy with veins and majestic to behold. She didn’t realise when she gasped as she held it a few inches from her face.
“Godalmighty!” she moaned.
From where she sat, Monica laughed. “I told you it was nothing compared to whatever you thought, didn’t I? Have fun, girl.”
She stared at the round head of his cock for a second or two, wetting her lips, not knowing what to do with it. Not knowing if she had the guts to go through with what she wanted to do. Olu resolved that problem for her. He grabbed hold of her head and pushed it towards his crotch. Blair’s restraint went away the moment her lips tasted the saltiness of his cock and she opened her lips and in went his cock.