The love of my life , turns out love's BBC, and i mean BIG

LOOONG story, made short. Divorced after 20 yrs. and 24 total together, i found myself exploring my sexuality that my ex found bizarre or was not interested in. had several wild relationships, even been to the infamous Power Exchange in SF many time with an ex GF. Love to watch her fuck others. Love to watch others grope and fondle and lust after her. She was pretty damn hot blonde. Stories would blow you away.

Fast forward, i finally looked up my first teenage love. Found her on Facebook, also one other shocking thing (another story). We had a long distant relationship for almost two years until we could finally make it happen and she moved out here to Las Vegas with me to start a life together. prior to coming out here i knew i had to share my sexual side as just one other thing to make sure we are compatible. Well my kinky and forever long fantasy started with her back when we were kids 1981. Turns out after us, I am the ONLY white guy she’s been with in 30 yeras. Turns out she’s been blacked ever since.

I slowly worked into conversations that i would be okay if she needed to fulfill a need bc of our distance. She was happy to know i wasn’t going to turn and run bc she had been with only blacks since our days. What caught her off guard was her hearing my comfort with her getting some on the side if she felt the need to. And she asked all of the typical questions and even titillated me to see if i would balk. Wondering if it was a ploy for me to get to play on my own. Nope, i told her its all about your pussy and nothing to do with my dick. I’ve been a cuckold since i was literally 15 or so years old? But of course until this amazing World Wide Web i hadn’t put a name to it, bc i thought i was weird. Even as teenage kids i dreamed of her being taken by larger well hung guys. What was my surprise is that my fantasies had matured to it being exclusively huge black cocks i wanted my girl to have.

When she came out here i knew she liked the club scene, and Vegas is off the hook! I know she likes blacks and i told her to have a good time. I work shift work so our schedules clash. I would ask her how her nights went and shed always say the black guys were all over her. Id make the sexy comments about what they stared at, usually her 38 DD's. She said one guy begged to go home with her. I asked how would you do that if you don’t know if you’re wasting your time? She said i take them for a test drive. Well, i learned a test drive is her rubbing her ass up his leg feeling for the size of his equipment. Shocked and surprised there was a term for this, i was turned on bc i had no idea she was sampling the goods. Up to this point she was still unsure how id feel about dirty dancing and the club scene.

Well those days didn’t amount to much but one night she said the bouncer had made it very clear he wanted her. she text me and asked if she could come home in the morning. I didn’t like the idea bc of my shift work i do not want this going down when I’m working. 1) i want the chance to have sloppy seconds 2) the first time she come s home well fucked i don’t want to miss a thing.

fast forward, again. Nothing happened during those club nights, and now due to family stuff , she had to get back to NY for 6 months. her an i are so horny that sex has come up many times. I once again reiterated that she could fuck and suck if she needed. Well i guess she brought up tose conversations in order to say," well i did happen to run into ******" Turns out this was the biggest black cock she had ever had. He was 11 to 12 inches. My responded was "and you can handle that!!" She said , oh yea. Up unitl this point i had no idea her large appetite for cock. She insists if they cant insert ( inches or more she dont bother. Well my cock went chubby. i say chubby bc one of lifes cruel jokes has strciken me with ED. I condition that i told her is why i don’t want her to go without. She now loves my concern for her need to continue to be fucked by large stiff cocks, bc i have trouble in size and stiffness issues. Well turns out this old booty call friend of hers from back in her days wants to settle down, and blah blah blah. She laid down the law and said its all about her, she not leaving me for anyone, and she literally needs his dick and nothing else. He’s been very reluctant and she’s kind of bummed, bc I know she wants to fuck that 11inch cock again. We are waiting to see if he calls. Even if he doesn’t she prepared and very horny enough to garb someone from the club at this point and fuck him in a hotel.

Soon she will return back to Vegas with me and I’m certain she now trusts me on this issue. She loves that i want her to continue what shes been used to all thses years and seek out and fuck VERY hung black guys while manintining and completly normal life otherwise.

looking for any takers. (9inch minimum, coke bottle thick preferred)