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The lodger



Money was tight since karen no longer had a job and I was working all hours to make ends meet.
Then karen had the idea of taking in a lodger to ease things and help pay the ever increasing expense of our household bills. So I said "ok , we can take an add out in the local paper to find someone"
"No need " karen replied " i already know of someone , a nice black man who my friend jill knows , he needs a place to stay now he's working in this area. "
"Ok , let's meet him and see what hes like" I replied .
I didn't know many black men and i did feel a little wary , with all the myths about black men always wanting white women and mostly getting thier way with them.
Karen and i have a solid marriage and I trust her totally , so although my imagination had started to work overtime , I still had no worries about allowing a third person to share our home .
It was the day we had arranged to meet Jay our possible new lodger when the door bell suddenly rang , he was early and karen wasn't even dressed yet. we opened the door to see Jay waiting there and so we asked him in.
There was a moments silence as the three of us stood in the hall . My wife appologised for not being dressed as she stood wearing nothing but a mid thigh length robe. I could see that Jay was quite happy with karens appearance and he replied " don't be sorry , you look lovely " he smiled and karen smiled back , no doubt pleased with herself and the black mans compliment.
I noticed Jay was a little taller than myself and had a very athletically muscular build. I myself am just over six feet tall and i work out with weights so i also have a good strong build which karen loves but i sensed my wifes attention was now focused on our black guest.
As we sat drinking coffee and agreed terms i noticed karens normally chirpy manner was subdued and she sat calmly looking at Jay and myself whilst day dreaming to herself.
It was ageeed that Jay would move in the following day and as he left he first shook my hand then karens.
Her hand looked so pale and creamy in his black hand and karens gaze and amazement at the contrast of Jays black to her white was obvious to both Jay and myself.
That night karen was all over me , like a woman in heat and we fucked harder than we we had in years .
Had our new black lodger turned my wife on ?
"What got you so hot and horny then my darling ?" I asked as we lay exhausted from fucking so hard.
"Was it the thought of having a black man ? I paused before continuing " sleeping in the bedroom next to us ?
"Haha " karen giggled whilst playfully stroking my cum soaked cock " maybe , or maybe being alone with a black man in the house when your at work "
( continues with part two soon )
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