The lodger , part three

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  1. I had just watched our new lodger and my wife fucking on our couch and now my mind was a mix of emotions.
    Jealousy , guilt for ever allowing another man to share my beautiful wife , regret , excitement . I didn't know what to think but my cock ached so much to be inside karens body right now .
    I continued to watch as karen and the new black lover between her creamy legs kissed before he slowly pulled his now semi flaccid but still huge black cock from within her warm white cunt.
    With Jays cock now Shining wetly with a mixture of his black mans cum and karens own pussy juices , karen sat up and started to lick and suck her lovers black cock clean.
    My jealousy had reached new heights now , karen often cleaned me in the same way after we had made love,
    Now for the first time in our marriage i was watching my brides mouth and lips sliding over another mans thick black cock to lick at the mixture created from being fucked by a black man. The same mixture that now matted her cunt hairs ,coated her inner thighs and leaked from within my brides freshly fucked and swollen white cunt.
    After karen had finished Jay pulled her to her feet , kissed her again then said he had an early start in the morning and that he need to get some sleep. He then left and went up to his room.
    Karen knew that i wouldn't be able to get her up to bed quick enough and before she could blink i had her on her back as i took my place between my lovely wife's legs.
    " thats it baby , take your slutty wife back , make me yours again my darling " karen urged.
    My eye's drank in the beauty of my wifes naked body as she lay before me and like a starving animal i ravaged her. My mouth alternatly fastening over each of her milk white breasts as my cock throbbed wildy at her waiting creamy cum filled slit.
    Like a hot knife going into butter my aching cock slid fully inside her . Karen was full with black mans cum and it was oozing from within her , coating my own cock as we fucked, karen then pulled my face down to hers and whispered in my ear " did you like watching a black man fuck me ? his cock felt soo good inside my body "
    " yess , ohh god karen ,you look so good fucking with him "
    I then pulled my wife up and with her legs still fastened around me i stood up . I wanted to really show karen that i could fuck her and make her cum like he did.
    Karen gripped my shoulders as I held her ass in my hands and her legs locked around mine as i thrust up into her cum soaked love hole.
    karen threw her head back in ecstacy as we fucked , then as her orgasm neared she gasped out " Ahhh yesss baby fuck me hard , fuck your wife hard for taking black cock in her white pussy "
    My heart was racing at my wifes words and i had to fight to control myself from Cumming to soon.
    " ohh god i love this " karen screamed as my cock filled her " will you let Jay fuck me again ? ohhh baby i want to cum on his black cock again , ahhh baby i want you to see me fucking with him again.
    I could take no more , hearing my wife beg me to ler her fuck a black man as i fucked her was too much. My legs locked solid as i impaled my sexy wifes wet pussy fully on my hard excited cock to shoot my hot cum up inside her.
    It was then that i saw Jays black figure standing naked at our bedroom door. I guessed we must have woke him with all the noise karen was making as she came .
    Karens eyes lite up on seeing the black man standing in our bedroom ready to impale her white pussy on his hard black cock again.
    Thoughts that i may loose my woman to our new lodger flashed through my mind. This black man had only been in our house for a matter of half a day and he'd already managed to fuck my wife . He now knew karen was hooked on having sex with him and now he was about to have her again.
    karens parted legs loosened thier grip from being fastened around mine and I knew she wanted to go to the black man . Her hands released thier grip from around my neck and I felt my wifes warm ass pull free from within my clutching hands. She then kissed me before leaving me to watch as she walked over to the black man. A wave of excitement and jealousy hit me as I saw the black hands of another man fasten around my womans naked white body. Karens arms wrapped around Jays strong black neck and he lifted her so that the sexy white legs that moments earlier were wrapped around my naked body were now wrapped around his .
    Jays black fingers dug into my womans white ass , holding her used white pussy above his long thick powerful black cock. Then Jay started to impale my brides soaking wet white slit for the second time on a black cock that would stretch and fill her adulterous white pussy more fully that i had ever been able to.
    Karen yelped with pleasure as she felt the entrance of her adulterous swollen pussy stretch around Jays thick black cock for the second time.
    For a moment karen seemed to be in pain as the long black cock invaded her body more deeply than i ever could. Her face then changed as the fucking started .
    I couldnt get over how turned in i felt watching my naked white wife and her black lover as they fucked .
    I could hear the soft liquid sounds of karens pussy melting as She tossed her head back and her creamy white legs clung urgently around new lovers humping black body
    ( , lots more of pt 3 to cum )
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    what a great thread! keep up the great work!
    so horny hearing this story
  3. Glad you liking it.
    It's going to get hotter.
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    cant wait to read more!
  5. Karen tells me she wants to help with the next bit . Should be fun, especially as i know she cant keep her fingers still once she get reading . Mind you niether can i. Lol.
    Has your woman read it with you?
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