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    Of course, as I think about the things that have happened and the life that we’re living, the term hotwife comes into play; as does the term cuckold.
    I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading about this cuckold/hotwife idea and what it’s supposed to be and mean. It seems that the life I’m living with my wife is very much with her as a “hotwife” as generally described (she openly has sex with other men with my knowledge). However, the cuckold description for me doesn’t seem to hold water. The ideals inherent in that definition seem to be some level of humiliation/degradation, denial of sex, and generally becoming completely submissive to the wife. In our case, though, none of this exists.
    My turn-on isn’t in the idea of being degraded because I can’t stand up and take my “husbandly” rights, but rather in experiencing different aspects of my wife’s sexuality, participating in a sexual adventure that we are sharing together, and not closing doors to sexual exploration just because of our vows to one another. In many ways, those vows remain as strong or stronger than they have ever been, and we get to participate in different things in life.
    I’m a bit confused at my enjoyment at the taste of another man’s cum as it oozes out of my wife, and I want to understand how/why/what that means. Is there a gay/bi component to that. I’m not sure. Nevertheless, I’m not at all confused about the aspect of her being with another guy and how that turns me on. It’s pornography starring the person I love the most. What’s better than that?
    Regardless, as I explore some “conventional” (although nothing about this seems conventional in any sense) terms surrounding what we’re doing, nothing seems to fit the bill. But isn’t that true of all of our sexuality? Don’t we defy labels, especially if and when we let ourselves diverge from the accepted roles that we’re supposed to play?
    I’m excited about the prospect of paving our own way, and seeing where our thoughts and desires take us on a journey together.
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    Yes, I think there are many different people in the lifestyle with varying fetishes and desires that are quite individual to the people involved.
    Unlike yourself I've never had the pleasure of living the cuckold lifestyle as I've yet to find the right person to share this with but it's a passion that goes deep into my soul. Still, I too am excited about finding the right girl and similarly seeing where our desires take us.
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    Well said. I personally despise those labels like gay/bi/straight. While they can describe an aspect of your sexuality the certainly do not define you as a person. Unfortunately the media, advertising and certain aspects of society could not survive without the ability to pigeonhole people, places and things. It keeps them from having to think to much about them. And when these stereotypes are defied it upsets the apple cart. For lack of a better word I call myself bisexual. I love women and am very fond of penises, unfortunately they are connected to men and you know how we are.LOL. I joined this site for two reasons; 1.That I find the sight of a white woman having sex with a black man TREMENDOUSLY exciting. Not sure why, my many therapists had lots of ideas none of which I will go into. 2. The penis I am the most attached to (no pun intended) happens to belong to black men and it certainly has to do with the length and girth thereof. I may not find him here but I would be amiss in my duties as a horndog if I did not try. Congrats to you both CuckoldCouple on finding that which makes you happy. And I wish you luck in finding that which you seek Britwhitecuck. Thank you all for you honesty.
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    I wouldn't let yourself get all caught up in the definition of a cuckold, as that word seems to be ever evolving by the day. It use to be that the word defined a married man who's wife committed adultry. Then it was used to define married men who encouraged their wives to have sex with other men. Later, non-married couples, in committed relationships, used the term if the female partner was unfaithful in the relationship. Most recently, the word, which up until just a few years ago was strictly used exclusively to define men only, has been used to define females who's male partners (husbands or BFs) have been unfaithful. I use as examples of this the late Elizabeth Edwards (wife of John Edwards), and Sandra Bullock, who both publically defined themselves as "having been cucked by their husbands".

    Also, all these added diversions ... cock cages, humiliation, milking, creampie eating, interracial, domination, etc .... are activities some couples use to add personal enhancements to their specific cuckold activities. Everyone seems to pick & choose what works for them. But to be a qualified CUCK, simply means that a married man's wife has sex with other men while he remains monogomous to the marriage ... pretty simple, I think. A TRUE cuckold is determined by who has control of the cuckold activities ... if the wife is truly cheating on her husband, he is a true cuckold. If the husband encourages/asks his wife to cheat on him, he could more correctly be defined as a wittol .

    Cuckolding is the ultimate act of submissiveness and subserviance. Not all men (in fact way fewer than do) have these traits. Its a teasing of the emotions, jealousy being one of the stronger emotions, and it causes adrenaline surges (powerful aphrodisiac) which often result in male erections.

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    Glad we got that cleared up.;)