The Japanese Wife - Part 1

OK, this is my story.

Sorry if it's a bit dull to some of you - but it is my life, and well, it hasn't been dull to me! This is not the story of my gradual move from philanderer and wife-fucker to cuckold, but just the last part - where it goes interracial!

I am an Aussie guy. I was married to a Japanese woman, in a cuckold relationship, but we are now divorced. The divorce was for complicated reasons, and not an inadequate sex life - the sex part was just great. The sex was so good, it continued on after we divorced, even though we lived in different countries (me in Australia, her in Japan). We divorced in mid-2009, with me 48 years old, her 45.

After we separated, and eventually divorced, we maintained internet intimacy. My ex-wife (who I shall name Tomoko in this piece), went on a dating spree in Tokyo. She confided extensively in me. In a way we were like two girlfriends sharing intimate details. However, I was a lot more than that to Tomoko. I found, after we had separated, that Tomoko was very naive in the ways of the world. She actually had no clue about the motives and feelings about the guys she was dating and fucking. I, on the other hand, could tell from the slightest asides, if the guy was hiding a secret marriage, just using her for sex, or not into her. Because I was a guy, I understood her guys better than she did. And so we would run over game plan before dates, and pick over what happened afterward. I would always get the complete rundown on looks, smell, cock-size, hardness, skill, orgasms achieved, the guy's manner - basically everything. I could even tell if he was using little blue pills and the like, from nuances of his "game"; a detail Tomoko never picked up on.

Tomoko was a slut, and a size queen. But she wasn't an out and out hedonist - actually she was a mass of contradictions. In some ways she was conservative and proper - but in a very sex-positive and very Japanese way. She was always looking for love, to be honest, yet she also got off on sharing her sex-life with me. She would also ALWAYS fuck on a first date, and never request a condom. But that was because she had a submissive J thing going - where she would consider it insulting for her to waste a guy's time on a date and not offer her pussy. She was always available, and always horny. When we were married we would meet and spend 2-3 week periods together. On one 16-day trip here I fucked, and came inside her, at least once every one of those 16 days. And on most days, we picked up other guys for her as well. Basically, it pleased me to give her a relentless pounding when I was with her. And for her, too much was never enough. She was a very sweet, naturally sexual woman. And taking different cocks didn't bother her one bit, because it she knew that it pleased me erotically, and physically she could never get enough. As for being a size queen - that was obvious from our sex play. Her reaction to toys, hung guys, finger play etc. showed without doubt that she more she got stretched hard, she more she got off. Yet she wasn't a fully self-aware size queen. I think such a large proportion of us guys are in the 5-7 range, Tomoko, like many other girls, didn't know what is out there, and what she could take. I recall, with great affection, how she responded to a Mandingo video I played for her. To say "that got her attention" would be an understatement! She hadn't been into porn at all, so seeing Mandingo was a wild surprise for her - so much so that we investigated the possibility of her getting fucked by the actual Mandingo himself. It turns out that that is possible, if you can make the right contacts in Las Vegas, and have a couple of thousand dollars spare. We never got to do that though.

During our marriage, Tomoko didn't fuck any "African black" guys. It was mostly white, and a few islander and Asians of colour. In our post marriage period, Tomoko seemed to be date a lot of "gaijin" white guys that were physically like me. That was flattering, but I was into the idea of her taking it big and black. After a succession of mediocre dates one week, I suggested she go black. Our text conversation on Skype went something like this (I am "G" in this exchange):

G: How about a black guy?
T: No, I am not interested.
G: Why not? You know they have bigger cocks?!
T: I don't want rough sex. I want romance and kissing.
G: So? You can get that from a black guy too! Big lips are perfect for long, sensual kisses.
T: But they are too rough.
G: Who says? Give it a try.

Yes, it took that much effort! I don't know where she got her ideas about black guys from - whether it was an innate Japanese racism, or she'd heard it from a girlfriend, or whatever. But it was such bullshit - especially for a woman of her...ahem...tastes. Weird girl, but easily swayed!

So she started meeting blacks (ex pat Americans and Africans) through the internet, and reporting it o me. Her experiences were initially a mixed bag. My intense anticipation sort of petered out - if you pardon the pun. Her black guys were bigger, it seemed, but she ran into the same boring array of male neuroses and insecurities that she got from white guys. Then, one day, this happened on Skype:

T: I have a date.
G: Good, black again?
T: Yes, African. From Nigeria. His name is Nate.
G: Great. Tell me what you know.
T: Very big cock.
G: How do you know?
T: We chatted online.
G: Guys always exaggerate.
T: We'll see. He seems very confident. Also, he is young - 28.
G: Good! You go girl!!

Well, the conversation was longer than that - but that was the key part. I liked that he was young - it meant this was a fuck-date, and nothing else.

Anyway, that was on a Friday. Tomoko then went silent for the weekend. She was meeting up with one of her remaining white boyfriends near Shinjuku, and going to a love hotel, late Friday afternoon. Then she was catching a later train to the country to meet Nate at his home. She always had 3-4 guys going at once. I loved that she was going out to fuck two different guys on consecutive dates! But for all my anticipation about Nate (and I had a good feeling about this one), I didn't catch up with her again until Monday night. It was a long, frustrating weekend for me.

So, back on Skype, Monday evening:

G: So how was it?
T: Great!
G: Tell me! Big?
T: Huge!!
G: You stayed the weekend?
T: Yes. Until Sunday afternoon.
G: Tell m how it happened?

Tomoko went into a long description of her date. It started with some jazz music and white wine - and kissing and fondling on his sofa. Then she sucked his cock. Was it big? Yes, too fat to fit in her mouth she told me, and very long also. "So, then you fucked?" I asked eagerly. "No, he was too big", she replied. I didn't know what she meant by this exactly. But eventually she explained that they tried to get it into her, and after fumbling around a little, gave up on it - it just wasn't going in easily. So, she told me, she brought him off with her hands and mouth. He comes like a horse she explained, splashing her with his jism.

But wait, back up a little! Did she say "...couldn't get it in..."?!! Tomoko, I should explain, was already a mother of two, and a size queen, and she'd already been fucked earlier that day. Did she actually mean she couldn't physically get it into her pussy?! Well, yes she did.

Anyway, he came. They chatted some more - got more relaxed and comfortable. Then they tried again. "Did you get it in second time?" I asked, keener than I'd ever been. "Yes" was Tomoko's perfunctory reply. She had a way of saying the very minimum, that just left me hanging and wanting more. I don't know if she did it on purpose, but fuck, that girl's words just played me! "All of it?" I inquired further. "Yes", she replied simply.

That just did it for me! My beautiful, hot little ex-wife had been slammed with a 12" black man dick - for the entire weekend I found it. When I asked her how it felt she told me it was painful, but got better. I loved it. This was better than all of our lunatic sexcapades hopping around bars picking up guys.

Anyway, that's the start of it - the start of her long slide into a world of big cocks, being passed around, etc. The story is totally insane from this point. So far it's been a simple tale of "girl meets hung guy" - learns the meaning of "hung", and loves it. And I know she wasn't exaggerating about Nate! How? Well, I got to watch them fuck about two weeks later!! That.was.fucking.insane!!!