The girl at the station

Today I saw one of the most fantastic girl worship sights I think I've ever seen! A beautiful girl waiting at Waterloo train station. This girl was gorgeous - I'd say 18 or 19, tall - about 5 foot 10, with long blonde hair and a beautiful model's face. She was wearing a black vest, and little pinky red shorts that showed off her beautiful bum and long long legs to perfection!

Guys - don't walk past a girl like this without saying hi - you just never know! You don't need to come on strong - but if I can get a charming smile from her - then I know YOU can strike up a conversation if you approach with calm and confidence. I had to be discrete - but here is the best pic I could get of the goddess in question. I hope you appreciate my efforts!

photo - Copy.JPG

cuckold husband

cuckold husband posted these photos behind my back. Do not accept anything or comment or repost anything he sends. I just learned tonight he has been doing this for over a year. If you have any class at all please remove anything you have of my photos that I trusted were between us.

Thank you
Pissed off ex wife