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The Football Party

The Football Party

The Atlanta Falcons where playing the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and my wife’s black Dom had informed us that we would be attending a football party to watch it on TV. We would be picked up.

I answered the door naked, as instructed. Two black men came in. They were two of the guys over here Saturday night to fuck my wife. Patty, my wife, was in the bathroom going pee, the door wide open. They went into the bath room while she peed, and played with her big DD tits until she was done and wiped. She was also naked, except for thigh high stockings and heels, also as instructed. Squeezing her tits while she peed was something I thought was extremely intimate and I got aroused, my dick getting hard.

One of the guys picked her up and carried her into the living room, where he bent her over and fucked her from behind. He fucked her hard, making her cum really fast, and so hard her knees buckled. He had to hold her up while he finished fucking her pussy from behind. I had an extremely hard time to keep from grabbing my dick while watching her cum so hard. When he came in her pussy, the other guy took over and fucked her silly again. After several minutes, he came.

One of them told me to clean her up as he didn’t want cum on his car seats, so I put my head under her between her legs and licked and sucked as much of their cum as I could.

Dog collars and leashes were put on each of us. Since it was not exactly warm out, we were allowed to put coats on. Hers was a jacket that left her ass and shaved pussy fully exposed. Mine was a longer coat that at least covered my white dick. We were then led outside, by our leashes, to their car. A car did drive by as we were walking to the car. The people inside just stared. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

We drove about 45 minutes, to a big mansion out on a back road, with lots of trees surrounding it. I thought this would be a small party, but judging from the number of cars parked along the long circular driveway, this would be anything but small. It was not her Dom’s house, as I knew the neighborhood where he lived, and this wasn’t it.

We were taken by our leashes and led into the house, leaving our coats in the car. Patty’s Dom was there, and he gave me my instructions. Serve food and drinks to any black guest and to the white women, and do whatever they told me to do, no matter what it was.

The place was big, with televisions in nearly every room. There were a lot of black men, and they were scattered all around in the various rooms of the house, so I have no idea how many in total there were. There were several white girls. All of the white girls had fairly petite frames and big tits, so that was obviously Patty’s Dom’s preference, big tittied, slim, young white girls. While my wife is 21, she actually looks much younger. She could easily pass for a high school student.

My best guess was that there were about six or seven white girls. No black girls at all, and no white males except for me and one other white guy I saw who was performing the same duties as me. The black men were in various stages or dress and undress, some naked, some with their cocks hanging out from their pants, some fully covered. I was taken by my leash and shown where the food and drinks where and started to bring trays of stuff around to the guys. When I passed through one of the rooms, my wife was on top of one black guy with his cock buried deep in her pussy, and another guy with his cock in her ass, and she was sucking on another black cock. I could tell she was struggling to get into a good rhythm, as coordinating fucking three guys at once had to be tough.

As I went through another room, my leash was yanked and I was told to clean up a girl who had been fucked a number of times, with a lot of cum dripping from her pussy. I ate and swallowed all the cum from her pussy, my dick rock hard as I did so.

I heard a girl screaming out an orgasm, and went in that direction. It was Patty. My chest swelled with pride. She was just so incredibly hot and beautiful, and she so deserved all the black cock she was getting. Another girl was in that same room, getting fucked. She didn’t make a loud noise, but suddenly she really started shivering and shuddering hard and started moaning and saying “fuck me” over and over.

I repeatedly went to get more food and drinks and delivered them around. When something was happening with the game, there would be cheering or whatever, and the fucking would pause for a few seconds. When I went back through the room with my wife, she was on her back on a couch, and there was a line up of black men waiting for their turn to fuck her. Her tits were being sucked on almost constantly. I hoped for her sake they were not getting too sore. Before I could get all the way through the room, somebody stopped me and told me to clean her up.

Patty put her hand on her pussy to keep the cum in, then sat on my face, draining a huge amount of cum into my mouth. I gulped it down and licked her clean, then she got back on the couch for the fucking to continue. She smiled and winked at me. I smiled at her, and gave her a thumbs up.

I served more food and drinks, then another girl needed cleaning, so I gulped down the cum from her. There was cum on her tits, so I licked that off, and the cum that was running down her chin from blow jobs she had given. I really wanted to massage my hard dick, and tried to sneak a feel of it, but my hand was whacked away. Frankly, I was really getting to like this duty of cum clean up, as the girls were really hot, and I was getting to like cum.

The other white male was busy cleaning another girl as I went through that room. As I was loading up on more food and drinks, I was told to take it down stairs to the basement. I didn’t know there was one, but I found the stairs and went down. It was dark, and set up like a dungeon, with all kinds of BDSM stuff, most of which I had never seen or imagined before. There were three white girls all bound in various impossible positions. One girl had some clamps on her nipples and on her clit. That must have hurt like hell. Another girl’s big tits where bound and there was something really strange sticking our of her asshole. I don’t know what it was.

I could tell the third girl had been fucked multiple times without being cleaned, as cum was literally flowing from her asshole and her pussy, and there was a puddle of cum on the floor beneath her. She was suspended from the ceiling, with no part of her touching the floor. I couldn’t see her face from my position, but she was obviously extremely hot, and with big tits like all the other girls.

I was told to clean her, including the cum from the floor. I sucked out the cum from her pussy first, then from her asshole then lapped up the cum from the floor. When I went to clean the cum from her chin and around her mouth, I got a total shock. It was one of my wife’s younger sisters. I had no idea! She saw the expression on my face and started laughing. I said my god I didn’t know you were into this too. She said Patty got all three of her younger sisters to go black. Amazing. And to think, I ate cum from my wife’s sister’s pussy and asshole. My dick was so hard it was aching. I licked the cum from her face and chin, then I was pulled away by my leash by a big black man.

He pulled me into a totally black back room. It was kind of a sub-dungeon. I could feel things around, like whips and some kind of swing contraption, but I couldn’t see anything. He pushed me to my knees, and I could feel his cock trying to find my mouth in the dark. I opened up and did my best at sucking him. I am not practiced at it, so not skilled at sucking black cock yet. He went deep into my throat, causing me to gag several times. He pulled out and turned me around, forcing his cock into my asshole. He fucked me for quite a few minutes. It was very uncomfortable at first. I kept feeling like I had to go poop. He told me to relax, which I tried my best to do. I was so glad that I had practiced with butt plugs as my wife’s black Dom had required, as it helped my asshole adjust.

My asshole started to get sore, but even with that, my cock started to spasm, and before I knew it, I was cumming. He didn’t cum yet, but he must have heard me groan and shiver, and he laughed. He pulled out of my asshole and went back to my mouth. I sucked him as hard as I could, until he came with a huge load. I had trouble swallowing it all, and I lost a lot down my chin. He was a really heavy cummer, so I got a huge load of cum from him. His cum also tasted really good, above average of what I had tasted so far. I had a feeling that I was starting to get addicted to cum, if that is even possible.

When he was done, there was another black guy waiting for me outside the room, and he came in and took his turn, starting with my mouth, then after several minutes of sucking, he moved to my asshole. He really fucked me hard, bouncing me, until he came in my ass. As he was cumming, a third guy came in, and fucked my mouth. My jaw was getting very tired, but I did a good enough job to get him to cum down my throat. When they left the room, one of them told me I was not allowed to clean myself up.

I left the little room, having to walk past Patty’s little sister. She knew exactly what happened in there, and gave me a big smile. I smiled back, with a ton of cum on my face and chin, and I could feel cum leaking from my asshole and down the inside of my legs. She needed cleaning again, so I stopped and cleaned up her pussy and asshole again. Even though I came in the little room, I could feel my dick getting erect already again, just from cleaning up the cum from the sister’s pussy and asshole.

When I went back upstairs and got more food and drinks to serve, Patty was in some other room. When I went through to that room, the other white guy was cleaning her up. That made me really jealous, and angry. I didn’t like another white male cleaning her. I just felt that it was perfectly alright for black guys to fuck her, but not for another white guy to clean her. I felt that was my job, and nobody else. I stood near her, offering to clean her up for the guy, but he just kept at my wife’s pussy and ass, doing his duty. I tried nudging him aside, but that didn’t work. Patty saw cum running down the inside of my legs, and she looked at me and smiled and said that it looked like I was having fun. I smiled back and told her I was.

The party went on until the Falcons lost,then started breaking up. The guys that drove us to the house took us back home, but they could see cum had leaked from my asshole, so they made me sit on on my coat going home. Patty didn’t bother putting her jacket on. When we got out of the car, I put my coat on to keep from offending any neighbors that might be watching. We walked up to the front door hand in hand. The two black guys took our leashes off inside, but said we had to leave the collars on. They fingered her pussy, then stuck the same fingers up her asshole. Then one of them used those same fingers to explore in my mouth, asking if there was any cum hidden in there.

My wife said she didn’t know how many black men she had. She said at one point she was told to fuck one of the other girls, which she did. I asked her how she liked that, and told me that she did, a lot. She asked how I like getting fucked in my mouth and ass. I told her I was really embarrassed about cumming from it. She laughed. Her nipples and pussy were both pretty sore, so I helped her put salve on both, as well as her asshole Then she did the same for my asshole, which was a little swollen and very sore. Something told me I would be getting used to it.

I told her about meeting her sister in the dungeon and she laughed, and asked if I got hard cleaning her up, and I admitted I did. She said maybe I would get a chance to clean up her other sisters too, on another day. I told her I can do that only if the cum is from black males, per her Dom’s instructions. She smiled and said that would not be a problem, they were all black only as of a couple months ago. All of her sisters are gorgeous and have great bodies with really nice tits, and with the way they look, I was sure that each of them would be getting a lot of black cocks. I looked forward to doing their cleaning.

I asked Patty if I could go jack off, and she said no, that I had already cum at the party, and that was enough.

The photo is of my wife's ass from a few months ago, before I knew she was fucking black.