The fitting room and...


I'll explain a little event that happened to me.
I always wanted to do things a little naughty and extraordinary.
I always wanted to test a fitting room.
But it was difficult and risky.
Except that one day I met a nightclub bouncer and talking he told me that he was also a security guard in a store.

We then develop a script together.
When the day came, I entered the shop, chose the clothing he had ordered me to take.
And I went to put them: a light blue dress pattern, high white socks and high heels.
He joined me in the cab, ordered me to suck what I did after him putting on a condom.

He had a big cock.
It was good.
But he took me through the vagina.
To avoid that I make noise, I put panties in the mouth.
Once arrived late, he retired.
And told me, you have 2 choices:
Either you swallow or I ejaculate you all over the face and I put you out of the cab without that you can wipe you.

With excitement and look so dominant.
I swallowed every drop of his sperm.
He said: brave girl.
And left the cabin.
Then I dressed myself and also emerged.

I'm french, sorry for the poor english.