The experience from my wife's ex boyfriend


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A lot of women can't talk about old relationships with their presents husbands because they usually feel zealous or ego problems, so they usually don't wish hear about boyfriends before them.
But I feel this kind of topycs are stimulating and could be useful!
Like I told on another post, my wife, a tall and strong Caucasian woman, had a black boyfriend before me. He was slim and shorter than her.
One time Susan told me that mark could make her cum easily.
Mark used get advantage from his stature and weight. They usually make the love over bed on missionary sex position, and being Mark shorter than her, he could reach her breasts with his mouth easily, so he used lick her breasts while he was penetrating her. Susan felt this so stimulating. Like he was a slim guy, Susan felt comfortable having him over her and used to wrap her legs around him making him go deeper inside her (something that she usually don't do with me and leave her legs spread all the time). In this way she could reach her orgasm easily in less than a minute!
I don't feel zealous from her ex boyfriend, but i feel a real admiration for him because he was so intelligent about sex and had a great powerful virility. I would like be like him.
I took his experience and did the same work that he used to do and the results were amazing!
Thank to the ex boyfriend from my wife I can enjoy a better sex now.