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The Elements of a Good Evening


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Here's what would make a good evening in my view. Firstly, my wife in her most sexy outfit, her hair and make-up done just right. Ruby red lipstick is a must. Her fragrance not too strong. Lights dimmed and the white sheets of our marriage bed visible in the moonlight that comes through the bedroom window. A young black bull, muscular with his enormous manhood swaying between his legs as he walks towards my wife who is lying on the bed, our bed. They kiss before she takes his thick shaft in her mouth and begins to bring him to full erection. He likewise pleasures her with his tongue bringing to to her first of several orgasms. Clothes off, I can see her creamy breasts, nipples fully erect, swinging beneath her as he fills her from behind. He grips her hips tightly and fucks her like a wild stallion. Later as he watches, I lick his huge cumload from her satisfied pussy.