The Cuckold Urge

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    The Husband’s Urge!

    I know of many hubbies that despair over what’s happening to their wives. They despair, too, on how much their despair for their wives affects them as well. They despair in ways that’s not bad, but that they’re riding on a boat with the wife as a passenger, and for some reason they can’t control where to steer the boat. They despair that the boat is bound to hit a rock and that would be the end of everything.

    Sometimes, such hubbies despair over nothing. The reason why they despair is because they realize they’re not the ones controlling the boat anymore. No, not anymore. Or rather, that they lost control of the steering wheel a long time ago. How long ago, they can’t say. They don’t know. The fact that they’ve never actually had control before . . . and that there’s someone now manning the wheel. A black man. Not just any sort of black man. A black man who’s in love with the wife. A black man who arouses the wife in every which way possible. The wife is so devoted to this man, she can hardly think straight whenever he’s around. She wants him to take control of her. She wants to will herself to him with abandonment, let him just take her however way he wants.

    This black man is the wife’s lover. The wife’s Black Master.

    It doesn’t take the husband much time to realize his despair is actually love masquerading as something else. He learns to accept his despair and it comes a building love and desire to him. The desire of seeing his wife mingle with this black man is a greater love he never knew could possibly exist for him. This urge of wanting too to become a submissive pawn to the Black Master’s will is like a narcotic he can’t deny. He can’t ignore it even if he tried.

    You might ask the question when exactly do most white hubbies come to realize the tendency of this urge? When do they come to full terms of realizing what’s building inside them this entire time, and how long do they ever wonder they’d thought of this urge and never acted upon it before?

    Ever wondered how the cuckold urge came to you, and whatever might have triggered it?
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    Haha priceless , you should write more of this comedy shit man , this is comedy right ?
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    Dsoul lives in his own world. Actually, he's slowed down a bit on his postings as of late. It irritates him, however, when one of us lowly whitebois addresses The Black Master. You speak only when spoken too, you don't eyeball The Black Master, always keep your head bowed, looking at the ground, and start each sentence with "SIR". Remember, you're on "his playground". :p

    gif_Yellowballs-bowing.gif "Yes, Master!" caption_BlackMaster.jpg GIF_GrouchoMarx.gif "Right, Dsoul?"
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    When all this is in Russia? :)