The Cop

I've been stalked a number of times, so I am EXTREMELY paranoid. Some friends say I go way overboard, and I probably do, but I feel I am justified in doing so.

I dress according to where I am going or what I am doing: Conservative around my family and those friends who have no idea about my life style; medium sexy at work (my bosses like it); and very sexy (slutty, actually) when out with boyfriends or whatever.

After work, I went to Wal-Mart. I was dressed in a fairly short skirt with no panties. As I went up the aisles looking for what I was after, I paid very close attention to who was behind me, as I usually do. I turn down aisles then suddenly back track, look in reflective surfaces to observe behind me, etc.

I noticed two cops in uniform who really seemed to be following me. That got me nervous, as I was afraid they thought I was shoplifting or something, or that something was wrong. I did a sudden u-turn, and both of them smiled at me. One cop was white, the other black. Both were good looking. But their smiles told me, of course, that they were interested, so I relaxed a little. As I passed them, I smiled back at the black cop and winked at him, and avoided eye contact with the white cop.

After that, I could see they kept their eye on me, but from a greater distance. They went through the checkout just ahead of me. As I left the store, they were waiting off to the side. I ignored them and walked up the parking lot toward my car.

The white cop headed to his cop car, which was parked in the fire lane right in front of the store, but the black cop starting walking fast toward me, trying to catch up (I am a fast walker). When I reached my car, I opened the trunk to put my bag in, and leaned way in, much farther than I had to, knowing my ass and pussy would be fully exposed. I knew it would be a risk. I mean, what if he decided to arrest me for public exposure? But since he was so freaking cute, I figured it was worth the risk.

I was right. I heard a low, subtle whistle behind me. I straightened up and turned to face him. He had a huge smile on his face, but he said he would have to arrest me. Despite his smile, that kind of scared me, but then he started laughing. We talked a bit, then I gave him my number.

I haven't heard from him yet, but I wonder about a couple of things: Is his cock as big as his big smile would indicate? Will he fuck me while wearing his gun? Will he rub my clit with his gun?
Did he take you to his tribal village in Africa afterwards, and let you get fucked by all the male tribal members, while all the other members watch and sing tribal songs?

Obvious cuckold.