The Competition...with consequences

Another story from me. This one will have several parts....and get more intense.

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The Competition
A story of ego gone too far….with consequences

It all began as a stupid competition that got way out of hand. I should have known better, should have seen the signs, used my intellect instead of my passions, but I was so driven to get the best of my Black Colleague that I didn’t. Let me start from the beginning so you will understand where this all led.

I’m an average 36 year old guy: 5’11", 185lbs. I work as a consultant at a multinational firm. One of my co-workers, Wayne, a well built Black Man, was always competing with me; whether it was a new client, or a presentation, or for a promotion. Wayne and I always had a pretty friendly, but fierce competition. Our competitive nature carried into our personal lives too. Whether participating in sports or just a friendly game of cards. Wayne and I would compete and always try to best the other. His 6'2", 220lb frame usually gave him the edge in sports, but I could often best him in non-physical activities.

Wayne and I even competed in the dating scene! Wayne tried(unsuccessfully) to steal my cute, but demure, girlfriend on numerous occasions. It wasn't until we were married that he finally backed off. I couldn't really blame him for trying. Julie was an incredibly cute girl: a brunet, only 5'2" and 95lbs, her petite body and deep blue eyes always attracted attention. With only a 34B chest and 32" hips, she looked more like a teenager than the shy 26 year old woman that she was.

Soon after Julie and I were married Wayne began seeing Susan. Susan was a striking 32 year old blonde with intense green eyes. Her long supermodel body weighed only about 125lbs - not a lot for 5'8" woman - and she would cause every jaw in a room to drop when she entered in one of her short, clingy dresses. Although I was really attracted to Julie, there was something in Susan's gaze that drew me towards her-an icy, confident, dangerous look that seemed to penetrate me.

Things between Wayne and Susan progressed rapidly, within a year they were married. Our professional society is beyond the ‘racial thing’ now. As a couple, they were strikingly good looking, and no one mentioned race. During that time the four of us would get together often for skiing, shopping, and card games. Julie and Susanbecame great friends. Susan was like a big sister to Julie and really helped her come out of her shell. By the time Susan and Wayne got married, Julie was much more confident and outgoing-qualities that I did not mind at all since they carried into the bedroom too! Susan did share with Julie, or was it a brag, that Wayne was well endowed with male attributes and would giver her several orgasms when ever they made love. A little detail that Julie would chuckle over when she gossiped about it to me.

After the wedding life settled into a comfortable routine with Susan and Wayne coming over every Friday night for wine and a 'friendly' game of cards. Wayne and I were still as competitive as every and would go for hours trying to best the other. It was during one of our usual Friday night games that Wayne suggested that we change the stakes of the game and make losing more costly. "What did you have in mind?" I asked, knowing that neither of us were really into high dollar gambling.

"Well, how about a little strip poker? After each hand the losers have to remove an article of clothing." I glanced towards Julie who was blushing, but nodded in agreement. "The losing couple is the first that is completely naked," Wayne continued. "As a final penalty, the losers will have all of their pubic hair shaved off toshame them further and serve as a reminder of their loss for theweek."

I looked at Wayne with disbelief, "I don't know Wayne, a little strip poker is one thing, but this shaving stuff seems a little kinky to me."

To my surprise, it was Julie that spoke up, "Oh, I don't know Rob, it sounds kinda fun and naughty. I think we should go for it."
Wow! Julie had come a long way in the last year! As I began to rethink my reaction Susan smiled and said "Hey guys, we shouldn't pressure Rob. If he thinks the competition is too tough we should just keep playing like we have been." Susan then looked at me and gave me a sly wink.

That bitch! She knew just what button to push on me! I felt competitive spirit take control and said defiantly "I'm not afraid to compete with anyone, for anything! In fact, I propose we add aittle something to the stakes. After the losers have been shaved, they have to orally pleasure the winners until they get off."

The three of them all looked at each other smiling and at me and then at me and said "Deal!"

Julie and I won the first hand and watched as Wayne and Susan each removed an article of clothing. Several more hands were dealt with us winning some, and losing some until both couples were down to their underwear. I couldn't help staring at Susan's incredible body-her long thin limbs, tight flat belly, and awesome ass were definitely have an effect on me! I noticed that Wayne was eyeing Julie's tiny form. Her impossibly narrow hips suggested what I already knew-Julie was incredibly tight! I could barely get all of my five and a half inches into her when we had sex. I glanced at Wayne's boxer shorts and gasped internally: he was not even hard but looked like he was hung like a horse! Wayne was a big guy to begin with, but the lump in his shorts looked almost out of proportion to the rest of his body. No wonder Susan was always smiling! I noticed that Julie kept stealing glances at Wayne's and then looking away. Her face was flushed from what I assumed was embarrassment at being almost naked with the group. The sexual tension and anticipation had defiantly built up.

Wayne began to deal the cards and said "Ok, this is it. The loser of this hand strips completely and is the loser for the night."
I picked up my cards and stared at Susan who did not seem to notice."Mmmmmn" I thought. "I can't wait to see that hot blond’s pussy shaved clean!" The thought of touching her as I shaved her distracted me from the game to the point that I made a small mistake and threw away one of the cards I meant to keep. "Oh, shit, I hope I didn't need that!"

After drawing I had nothing for a hand. Julie had only a pair of fours. Wayne smiled broadly and said "Three of a kind" as he laid the cards out. "Its time to pay up", he said as he reached over to Julie and began to unsnap her bra. Julie turned beet red as her bra came off. "Now for the best part" Wayne murmered.Standing Julie up, he quickly placed his large Black hands across her stomach and down to the thin elastic strip of her panties. With a victor’s chuckle he striped her panties down and helped her as she stepped out of them. Totally nude now, Wayne's eyes drank up her petite form as the bulge in his shorts began to grow. She was facing him, giving him a full view of her exposed, hair covered, public mound. Julie stood there somewhat uncomfortable, but was otherwise a real trooper about the whole thing. I was still in shock at losing.

"Your turn now," Susan said in a matter of fact voice. I stood up and slowly drew down my shorts. My normally hidden shy side was in control, I was no longer hard as my jewels came out for everyoneto inspect.

Susan looked down as my package and then up at me without a word.That dangerous, piercing look was back in her eye and she seemed to look right through me for a moment before getting up. "Ok you two,lets head to the bathroom." Susan lead the way up stairs as Julie followed her, giving Wayne a grand view as he, I climbed up last.

"Your first", Wayne said as he practically lifted Julie onto the large vanity. Susan ran hot water into the sink and handed Wayne a can of shaving cream. Scissors were unnecessary with Julie’s trim bush. Wayne squirted a blob of cream onto his fingertips, then pushed Julie back so that she was lying on the vanity with her legs hanging over the edge.

We all watched as his large Black fingers began to lather Julie's little bush. He rubbed the lather over her pubic mound and then pushed her knees apart in order to apply lather to her pussy lips. As Wayne rubbed the lather over her fat little lips the bulge in his shorts began to grow. At least once he let a slippery finger stray into her slit causing Julie to jump a little. Susan handed Wayne a double bladed safety razor. No one spoke as he quickly shaved her entire pussy and pubic mound totally clean. The only sounds in the room were the razor passing over hair broken by the occasional swish of water as he rinsed it and the sounds of my beautiful wife breathing deeply as Wayne did his work. Once finished he pulled Julie up and stood her back on the floor. Her now naked little pubic mound protruded from her belly slightly; she now looked like a young teen just before puberty hit. "There, don't you look cute now!" He said as the monster in his pants appeared to come to life. Then, with full bravado, he cupped my wife’s pussy and ran his fingers up along his handy work, up to her belly button. As he did this, they both shared a deep eye to eye look. To the victor, I guess.

The sight of my little wife being shaved by a Black Man had and effect on me too; I was completely hard as I hopped onto the vanity. Susan said "Well, that's a little better than before." I winced at her stress on the word 'little'. Susan began to lather my pubic mound with her long, thin fingers. She had beautiful hands and longish, red nails filed to rather sharp points. As she lathered my balls she kept pinching my left nut between her thumb and forefinger. It wasn't especially painful, but did tell me that I best keep still!

The sight of the razor in Susan's long-wristed hand was making my cock swell like it had never done before! In a nonchalant manner she pushed my rock hard little penis out of the way with her left hand and expertly removed my pubic bush, to the root of my cock.

"Now for the tricky part" she smiled as she grasped my balls and pulled them away from my body, bringing the skin of my sac tightly toward her. I inhaled sharply as I felt the razor’s twin blades press against my most sensitive region. Susan went slowly and removed all of the hair from my now tight sac. I breathed a sigh of relief once she finished and I hopped off the vanity.

Susan gave my a once over glance and said, as she too copped a victory feel on my sexual organs, "nice and smooth like a little teenage boy". Susan chucked at her own joke on my expense.

"Stay up here" Susan commanded as we reached the top of the stairs. "I want to see the losers take a walk of shame down the stairs as we watch from the bottom". Julie and I glanced at each other, naked and unable to resist.

First, it was Julie’s turn to walk down the stairs. She held her head up high as her little boobs sweighed with each step, her denuded pubic mound and pussy lips exposed, uncovered. Susan and Wayne clapped, hooted and commented on Julie’s georgious form, commenting on her girlish look. Then came my turn to strut down the stairs with my exposed, hard, cock and balls bouncing back and forth, in full view. All three clapped and laughed at my pubescent, aroused, state. I had never felt more naked.

It was now time for Julie and I to pay off the rest of the bet, the part that I, with my big ego, had added. Wayne and Susan each led us back to the living room where Wayne said "Now to finish the deal" as he pulled off his boxer shorts. Julie gasped audibly as Wayne's huge cock and balls were freed at last. His penis was at least nine inches long and incredibly thick. The head of his member looked like a large purple plum and was already oozing precum. His balls were the size of extra large grapes and hung loosely in his hairy sac. Wayne reclined in an overstuffed chair and said to Julie, "payment time". He had a big grin on his face. Julie knelt beside the chair and grasped the colossal cock with her tiny hand--her fingers only made it about three quarters way around as she began to stroke it slowly. Her slurping sounds filled the room.

I looked back at Susan. There was a large damp spot on the crotch of her panties to evidence her obvious excitement. "I don't want yourfingers in me" she said in a matter of fact tone as she pulled herpanties and bra off. "In fact, I don't want your hands touching my pussy at all." I began to think that I was going to be left out inthe cold tonight when she continued, "Your tongue will service me just fine, though." My cock twitched with excitement. I was going to eat that slender woman out-how delightful! I knelt before Susan as she widened her stance in front of me.

Hearing a little yelp from the other side of the room, I glanced over at Julie and Wayne in time to see Wayne grab Julie by the hair and pull her mouth to his cock. Before I could protest, Susan slapped me across the face and snarled "Your job is over here, loser." Somewhat shocked, I quickly refocused my attention on Susan's pussy. All I could hear now was Julie making deep sucking sounds, as she was obviously taking Wayne’s cock deep into her mouth.

Unlike Julie, Susan kept her pubic hair trim. There was a neat little triangle of hair above her slit, tapering down to nothing. Her pussy lips were devoid of any hair. A perfect pink gateway of pleasure; I was not surprised at all.

Susan squatted over me and pushed her pussy onto my face. I began to lick her slit as my nose was treated to the musky scent of her excitement. Every time I tried to touch her she slapped my handaway. Instead, I had to use my tongue to push her lips apart to taste her sweet nectar. After a short while she said "Hold it, I want to get more comfortable.

"Lay down on the rug," she commanded. Susan got onto her hands and knees over me in a 69 type position. My excitement increased as I thought she was going to give me a blow job while I ate her out, but she quickly dispelled that notion. "Just so that you don't get anyideas, I'm going to use your balls to tell you when you are notpleasuring me enough." To remove any doubt about what that meant she grabbed my balls in one hand and gave them a hard squeeze, digging her nails in to them at the same time.

I jumped and grunted in pain, but before I could say anything, Susan squatted down onto my mouth and began to grind her pussy into my face. Every time I slowed my licking she would grab and squeeze or twist my nuts painfully. The feel of her finger nails scraping along the sensitive skin of my sac sent shockwaves of pain up my back. It seemed to excite her more each time I grunted in pain underneath her. Finally, I felt a powerful shudder pass through her body. Susan’s hand gripped my balls harder. "I'm cumming!" she squealed as she almost crushed my nuts between the fingers of her bony hand. I jerked uncontrollably as Susan's juices covered my face in a powerful orgasm.

Susan got off me and flopped onto the couch to watch the conclusion of Wayne and Julie's session. My balls hurt terribly, I had anache in the pit of my stomach as I slowly got up to my knees. Looking over I watched as Julie sucked Wayne's huge cock. She could barely fit the large cock into her mouth, but Wayne didn't care.

He had a firm grip on the back of her head and was using her mouth to masturbate himself. Julie held onto his cock and was massaging his balls gently as he fucked her mouth. Suddenly, Wayne stiffened and pushed her head forward, onto his cock, and held it there. A low moan erupted from his lips as he began to pump semen into Julie's throat. Julie gagged slightly and tried to pull back but Wayne held her head firmly and pushed her face down further. I watched in awe as Julie began to swallow to keep from choking. A virtual stream of semen ran out around her mouth and down the thick shaft of Wayne's cock. Pulse after pulse erupted from him for what seemed like five minutes. Finally, he released his grip and Julie pulled back coughing as a small trickle Wayne's cum ran down her chin.

Julie quickly recovered and practically ran to the bathroom to clean herself up. Slowly, weak in the knees, I got up and followed her after her. Together in the bathroom, naked, we silently cleaned our selves off with towels and tissue paper. Julie gave me an accusatory, ‘hey loser’, look. It wasn’t me that suggested or wanted the sexual twist to our friendly game, but I added the oral sex part. What was done was done, I thought to myself.

Back in the living room, after we had both cleaned ourselves, Wayne and his wife Susan were holding each other, still nude, in their sofa. I could not help but still be aroused by Julie’s naked and shaven body. Wayne could not keep his eyes off her either as she stepped back into her panties and got dressed. At least one time I caught Susan’s icey eyes focusing on my cock as I got dressed. I gave Julie a big hug when we were fully clothed.

Susan was the first to break the silence, "I bet he’ll be on ‘Restrictions’ for a few days at home after this" she said as she looked at me. Wayne responded, "No, I think back at home they will fuck like rabbits, those two, to put this loss behind them." Julie said nothing, but I let out a chuckle at Wayne’s perception. Indeed, I was going to reconquer my wife after this incident.

After we got home that night I couldn't get the sight of Wayne's cockand Susan's dripping pussy out of my mind. Julie was a little tigress, we fucked for most of the night. Her little pussy was so lubricated and hot! For the first time I was able to get completely into her in the first thrust. Each time she came she gripped me hard with her legs, keeping me deep inside of her, and raking my back with her fingernails. However, I wondered if it was all my doing, or if she was thinking about Wayne’s large Black Cock as she came.

The next Monday at work, Wayne and I went to lunch to discuss a couple of projects we were working on. The topic soon shifted to Friday night. "You little wife is one hot little Lady" he said. I nodded in agreement, the image of Julie taking his cock into her mouth as he held the back of her head still in my mind.

"You know, Susan thinks you are really hot too" he said with a wink.

"Oh, no way" I said. "She barely seemed to acknowledge my presence. Not to mention those icey eyes she gave me from time to time".

"That’s just her Dom side" Wayne explained. "When she has the upper hand she likes to be very dominant, but, when the guy is the winner, she is a purring pussy cat!" The thought of Susan submitting to me raced through my head. My balls still ached slightly from the workout she had given them, but not badly enough to miss the twinge of delight at my thoughts of her under my cock.

"Hum," remarked Wayne. "As a gentleman, I guess I must offer you a chance to get even with us. Are you up for a rematch this Friday"

And at that, my ego asserted itself. "I’d like to UP the winnings a bit."

With a twinge of delight, Wayne said, "Oh, you’d like to take this all the way? Past a little sucking? I could tell from the look on your face that you were thinking about fucking Susan. Okay, I could go with that deal" He laughed. "But, I’m sure the female side of this bet would like something out of the loser."

I almost regretted right there putting sex on the table, so to speak. "Um, but condoms must be used." I didn’t want Wayne to shoot his load into Julie. I did not want him to possibly have the full benefits of using her pussy, shooting his Black Sperm into her.

"Sure, Okay to that too, I guess", said Wayne. We’re both clean, but I guess you don’t want to take a chance with my seed deep inside of Julie, I can understand that." Wayne was playing me, bastard.

"I’ll run this by Susan, but like I said, I’m sure the gals will want something from the loser to balance it all out."

All I could do was muster a "Yeah, okay", to end the conversation. The image of Susan underneath me, submitting to my cock, was the only thing I could think of for the rest of the day
Looks like I am going to have to finish this story soon. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

The competition is going to get more daring and involved.