The Bullshit Mentality Of This Lifestyle...


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I have been in this lifestyle for quite some time but I want to get some stuff off my chest about these topics.

Blackmen: Stop with the thirsty desperate bullshit and kissing ass and bowing to these couples/women/cucks.
1) Thing is I am seeing a lot of uneducated bbc lurking around this forum just begging to be wanted by women it's disgusting and thirsty.
2) Stop letting the size queens get to you there have been a lot of couples on this site with all these bullshit claims about having men with 10",11,12" dicks trying to belittle us don't let it happen...EVER!
3) We are worth more and are better then that do not give up your alpha ways for pussy because there are plenty of fish out and hotter ones at that.
4) Remember most on couples/women on here are average and I have seen and met better in other places and other sites but they are a few hotties that are very cool to from here that I have met.
5) Bottomline don't beg or bend over backwards for anyone on this site or anything or anywhere else they can go FUCK OFF I ain't bowing to no demands or tributes or anything gay or bi for some Pussy or nasty cucks/men trying either.

Peace my black warriors,