The Black Man: Then And Now

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I wanted to take a few minutes here and discuss the black man in todays world. But first let me roll back the years real quick and take a look at the black man way back then. He didn't have it very well in those days as he was used and abused for profit by the white man.

Overworked with no real comp and sometimes stripped, tied and whipped while being watched by other whites both male and female. His own black females were taken and used and then the white females were used to tease and deny him with strict orders not to touch and even worse consequences if he did look at or touch the white female.

But today, it is different for the black man. Much different. Much better and most certainly deserving of this much brighter future for him and mainly his sex life. The black man today has been and will continue to enjoy his new abilities to dominate and control white couples, white males and white females. The best part of this power domination that the black man can now enjoy comes with very little resistance, if any at all.

That is the way he likes it too. Having the ability to completely dominate and control not only the white females but also the married white females along with their husbands. This is a power hand. A very powerful situation that is actually coming to him rather effortlessly. The choice of how much power he can use becomes his own choice. He can control the sexual activity of the white couples in ways never believed possible before.

He can fuck the white mans wife whenever he wants her. He can cum in her. He can make her verbally beg him to cum in her. He can make her belittle and dominate her husband. He can degrade her however he sees fit. Humiliate her. Make her degrade and humiliate herself for his own effortless entertainment. He can make her do the same thing to her husband.

If he so chooses he can have her completely cut hubby off for sex. Making her and her married white pussy exclusive to the black man and his black dick and cum. No white hubby dick allowed inside her. The husbands tongue won't carry the off limits restrictions that has been placed on his little white dick and balls along with the white cum that they produce and carry. This is but one way to make the white boys pay their dues which are way past due.

What better way to control the population of both the white and black races than what is now taking place for the black man. Priority one is his continued servicing of his black women to continue an uninterrupted increase of his 100% full blooded black race. Priority two becomes the new effortless ability to service the white females which are considered by many as the supreme gender of the white race. Taking the highly respected and superior half of the white race and easily reduce her down to total submission and obedience to the wishes and orders of the black man. Training her as to what will be expected of her. What she can and can not do. What her new duties will consist in providing total sexual pleasure to the black man.

He can now use his own choices of imagination as to everything that he wants to try sexually with her that his black women will not allow him to try or do with them. So this provides him a perfect opportunity by using the submissive white females for this. This could be any number of things, with some most likely being in a degrading fashion for her but highly amusing for him. All this while continuing to use her married white pussy for his pleasure and to relieve his super charged sexual needs as he exclusively delivers his black cum deep inside her white body. A most important factor here also includes his ability to contain the cum of the white husband keeping it exactly where it is produced, inside the white husbands body.

What this accomplishes is rather simple. His black cum is consistently being delivered into the exact place where it has the chance to do its job of reproduction. The white boys cum is not given that chance and is not allowed to leave its production area leaving no chance for it to do its job. This alone instantly provides a chance of increasing the black population while definitely decreasing or holding the white population. If the white boy cum is allowed to exit his little white balls it is not allowed to enter the females body. Instead another white boy can be brought in and both be ordered to 69 each other until both cum in the others mouth. This again will provide suitable entertainment and amusement for both the black man and the white female after they have provided each other with complete sexual satisfaction and contentment. This session could be treated like an after dinner smoke for them simply because the black man has completed his mission by delivering his cum into the white female and her freshly black fucked and cum filled white pussy has been completely serviced and filled. Of course a clean up session should be instituted for the white boys to also get their share and taste of the black mans cum.

What I would like to see, and I certainly hope other white boys will back me up on this, would be more opportunities being created to allow us white boys to show our support to the black man by being allowed to clean the white females juices directly off the black mans dick. For the black man and the white female to both observe this one action I feel would add greatly to the entire situation for both as they are able to watch their very combination of juices being consumed and delivered into the body of the white boy.

Observing this one action alone should sharply increase the egos, confidence and swagger of both the black man and the white female. Just like back in the day when the white man profited at the expense of the black man, this would be the same principle with the tables turned. Here the black mans character would be boosted at the white boys expense as the black man can clearly observe the white boy hard at work consuming his black cum to carry inside his white body.
Controlling the white couples is a huge accomplishment for the black man and his goals for the future. Imagine for a second that the black man has five or six of his buddies over watching a game. He mentions his white female dominance but they don’t believe him. He says he will prove it. He calls the attractive white female and tells her to hustle on over there right now. When she arrives he tells her to take off all her clothes and lay in the floor in front of him and his friends.
Now with her lying on her back, in the floor completely naked he tells her to put her arms straightup at the 10 and 2 position and spread her legs out in the 4 and 8 positions and just lay there all spread eagle like that with her little white pussy gaped wide open for them all to see. Then he tells her to say it out loud who that white pussy belongs to now.
Then he asks her if she has or would ever lay like that for a bunch of white boys. When she says no she hasn’t and wouldn’t he looks at his buddies and says, Hell I tried to tell you she do whatever I say.


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I always do whatever they say because thats why I'm get blacked until I can't move to meet their thrusts..then you know that you have been fucked! It can keep you satisfied for a couple of weeks!