The Black King and Queen

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    My wife and I had reached a point where we needed some spice in our marriage and decided to include other couples in our relationship. After a few liaisons with other couples that were not that exciting we finally met a black couple who we knew would ignite some serious excitement. After an initial meeting we were invited to their place for sex. We were beyond excited at the prospect of getting together with this couple. They were magnificent specimens. He was tall and muscular and she was tall and sleek. We knew it would have to be an experience of a life time.

    We arrived and were greeted by Alisha at the door. She directed us to the living room where we were joined by her stud husband, Emil. After some small talk and some wine, Alisha said, "well, let's go to the bedroom and have some fun." I was a little taken aback by her aggressiveness, but we were there for a purpose and she wanted to get on with it.

    I was nervous as we entered their bedroom and I know Sasha, my wife was as well. She held my hand as we walked in ahead of our hosts. They both began undressing. Sasha and I looked at each other and then began talking our clothes off as well. The ladies were down to their bras and panties but Emil had removed everything revealing an absolutely huge black cock. "Isn't it magnificent?" Alisha asked, although there was no need to answer. His dick hung down nearly to his knee and was as thick as my wrist. Sasha gasped and her hand tightened around mine. Alisha laughed. "Go ahead Sasha, touch it," she said. "It won't bite," she laughed. Emil stroked his massive tool to get it to swell. Sasha looked at me and asked, "is it okay with you." Before I could say a word Alisha said, "don't worry about him dear, I'll take care of him. You just enjoy yourself."

    With that Alisha pushed me onto their huge bed and removed my briefs exposing my decidedly inferior, but hard little cock, which was about a third the size of her husband's. She made no mention of the size difference though as she took it in her hand. "Well, well, looks like someone is ready." With that she lowered her head over me and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it. I thought I would cum right on the spot. It was exquisite. I laid back and closed my eyes enjoying her expert oral ability while trying not to cum.

    On the other side of the bed I could sense the movement of Emil and Sasha and could hear her soft moans and his as well. I glanced over to see what they were doing and was shocked to see Emil's head between Sasha's legs as he ate her sweet little pussy. She was laying back with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying his big tongue as it probed her inner pussy lips.

    My cock, although only five inches long was now hard as rock. Alisha slipped her bra and panties off and straddled me taking my dick easily into the depths of her black love tunnel. I wondered if she even felt anything. She must have been used to her husband's thick, fourteen inch ramrod. If my cock failed to please her, she didn't let on as she bounced up and down on it. I watched her huge breasts bounce as she fucked me and I fought not to blow my load.

    "Oh look," Alisha whispered, "Emil's going to fuck Sasha." I looked over to see this huge black stud kneeling between my wife's well-spread legs. He rubbed the gigantic head of his cock against her moist opening as Sasha waited with a mixture of excitement and fear.

    "Oh God, be careful, you're so big," she said, "please go easy."

    "Don't worry baby," he said in a deep voice. I know how to control it. You'll be fine." He continued working her opening with his black shaft as Sasha whimpered in submission. The sensation of Alisha's hot cunt riding my cock and the sight of Emil about to fuck my wife was too much and with a load moan, I shot my load into her.

    "Oh baby," Alisha said, "did you cum to momma already?" She smiled as she rode me up and down draining the last of my juices from my spent dick.

    "Oh God!" Sasha screamed, snapping me out of my post-orgasmic state. I flinched and looked over at her. Emil had breached her and was fucking her with slow deep thrusts. Sasha had a look of near panic on her face as she breathed in and out trying to get accustomed to his huge dick.

    Alisha reached over and caressed Sasha's breasts. "Relax baby, he'll be gentle. Just enjoy it." she said to my wife. I reached over and took hold her Sasha's hand. She gripped me tightly as Emil continued fucking her slowly, deeply. Gradually Sasha's vocalizations turned from pain to a quiet pleasure and then she became almost animalistic. "Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard," she cried as her hand let go of mine and she dug her nails into Emil's muscular buttocks. "Fuck me you beautiful black stud. I want that big black cock in my pussy. All of it. Oh yeah, fuck me!"

    I sat up in shock. Here was my demur young wife crying out to be fucked by a huge African bull and all I could do was sit and watch, my own limp cock hanging pathetically between my legs.

    "Oh yes Emil, that's it baby," Alisha said, "fuck her nice and hard, just like you do me." She looked at me. "Isn't it a beautiful sight to see your wife being pleasured like this?"

    I nodded in agreement although I wasn't sure what I thought, but Alisha wasn't about to let me dwell on it. "Come on baby," she said to me, "fuck me again." She laid on her back and spread her legs. I knelt in between them and slid my cock, which had come back to life, into her slick hole and tried to match her husband's sexual power, but I could tell from the reaction of both women that it wasn't even a contest. I came again and now Alisha made me get down and eat her pussy in an attempt to have an orgasm. I was eating my own cum as I worked to bring her to orgasm while listening to my own wife cum over and over as Emil fucked her without mercy. Finally Alisha came, pressing my face deep into her drenched pussy, and then came again. I felt some satisfaction. Finally Emil let out a loud groan and filled my wife's womb with the most gigantic load of cum I'd ever seen. He pulled out and laid back. I looked at my wife's well-fucked pussy, cum dripping from her stretched out slit. "Finish her," Alisha said to me. I looked at her not understanding. "Use your tongue; finish her." Emil laughed as Alisha pushed my head between my wife's legs and I licked and sucked his huge load from her pussy.

    "That's a good cucky," Alisha said, "that's a good boy." They all laughed.

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    Look at all that manhood laying on that poor little white slut, haha....
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    Giving her (Sasha) something she can feel...and the cuk to clean up. Good story, Thanks for sharing it.
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    So very very sexy... thank you for sharing that :)
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    Anyone ever done it with a black couple?