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The Black Bull God Prt. 1


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The Black Bull God - Lord of crushing white-woman's ovaries:

written and copyrighted by BigBlackBull76. This is a short story entry i wrote for and inspired by an erotic female writer. Thought you all might enjoy this. Also a special mental-emotional stimulation dedication to 'Miss Lady Dionysus';

The Black Bull was laid back reclining into the leather sofa chair like a God on a throne compromised of clouds in which he hovered and looked down on the female creature stirring on the ground below him. He had been working hard on building a better world during the past few days unable to converse which he was now ready to relax, recline, and spend time adorning the creature whom he built this world for her to enjoy.

She was a magnificent submissive creature to behold, and one of the finest of his creations. She wore a black leather collar he bestowed on her that matched her dark silky long hair and eyes as she smiled at him with a look of divine devotion. She knelt in a prostrate position ready to show her reverence to the mighty BlackBull God and worship at the altar of his heavenly black phallus.

Laid over the muscular left thigh of the BullGod was a black leather flogger that the creature kept at watch from the corner of her eye as she slowly moved up between his long and strong thick legs. In moving up closer to the erect obelisk that stood high before her, she realized why it was a monument all women became paralyzed with both fear and awe at upon first glaze.

She started to worship at the base of the BullGod's altar revealing her tongue in which to lick from the bottom of the dual round chambers and slowly continued the motion until rising up to the top which concluded into a large rounded point. She then parted her moist lips as her mouth salivated with the anticipation of finally being able to engulf the magnificent monument she had made the pilgrimage to worship at.

The majestic Black BullGod looked down on her with the satisfaction of a paternal protector as he grabbed a fist full of her hair that laid around her face in which to move it to the back of her head whiling pulling it down so the monument went deeper into her mouth. He then spoke as if a loud voice had boomed like thunder from the clouds saying “you will take all of my cock into your mouth and gag on it until I can only see my balls.” She obeyed this command and made the ultimate sacrifice of feeling the obelisk swell up the inside of her cheeks and reach down into the inner core of her throat.

Tears streamed from her eyes and then she rushed her head back in which to come up gasping for air as if she had been buried alive under six feet of dirt and desperately dug her way out to the top to finally breathe again. She leaned back and smiled with amazement at her self and saw that the entire monument was covered with the holy offering of liquid from her mouth.

Her BullGod’s head was now bowed down as if ready to kiss her on the forehead and she felt a shock of electricity and heat through her body, and her lotus petal flower began to drip like dew from morning moisture caused by the excitement of the Black Bull God’s approval. She knew she would receive many blessing of pleasure and fulfillment in addition to having all of her prayers of lust answered by this Black Bull God of carnal animal spirits.

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