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    Has anyone seen The Bet? Inthevalleygw /Gary West

    It’s a great Cuckold Series that has a story and is done in Sims Characters!! Some as me don’t entirely like Sims but really this one is well done it’s about Husband Larry and his Wife Francine as He gets his Wife into Cuckolding!! Gary West the originator of Inthevalleygw videos has done a great job!! Worth a watch before it’s gone!!

    This is the Summery of the Series watch this to see whether its worth watching!!

    The best Sex Scenes!!

    You can also see it on:
    Below some Pics!!

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    Thanks that is a much different take on,the sims seemed thought out compared to most.
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    Forgot to say there are 27 Episodes in the Series!! It shows another way I guess to get the Wife into Cuckolding!!
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    I am playing the sims 4 right now and have managed to have the wife cuckold the husband and get pregnant by a black neighbour. Good times
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